Beach wedding

I can’t remember when we had this many male folks on the moomincabin deck. Usually it’s the GG and cBear and a buncha women. Our bridegroom used our cabin to get dressed (and I didn’t even recognize our bridegroom after he emerged from the depths in his suit). All of these guys congregated on our deck at this point and when they discovered that we had a Beer Refrigerator set up on the deck, they stayed around until the wedding started. It was soooo much fun.

And then, at one point, I was hanging out in the Lyme Lounge looking for a gorilla on my MacBook Pro and I heard somebody say, “Hey, there’s wifi here!” And I yelled out “Yes!” And then, “and it’s unsecured!” and I said, “YES! Use it!” The Lyme Lounge is my office but I SHARE! Anyway. I eventually changed outta the gray skirt I’ve been wearing all week into “wedding guest” clothing. I wasn’t wearing fancy clothing but I knew it would be okay given that one o’ my fave cuzzints was wearing his blue jean overhauls and, y’know, my attire was fine. And so this is what a Beach Wedding looks like as people are gathering.

And here are various bare feet and you can’t really tell from the pic but the person to the immediate left of me is KNITTING at the wedding and using my The Commander’s basket to hold her yarn ball.

And here is our family bridegroom and his beautiful bride exchanging poems and readings and vows. I love the color of her dress. And a gratuitous shot of Pooh’s hat.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks and sounds like a very fun time! (with nice weather too)