It was a cat mask

All throughout the wedding weekend I was going around saying stuff like, “There was a gorilla mask at my wedding, where is it now?” Well. It turns out that it was a CAT MASK, *not* a gorilla mask. If I had remembered about the mask in time to obtain a similar one, I’d’ve probably have worn one myself, although probably not that one, which, if it still exists, is no doubt buried under piles of cosmic debris down in the Great Grey-Green Greasy Limpopo Landfill Freak-out Chamber.

This was the only photo I could find of the Cat Who Came to My Wedding and darn it all, I had to crop the HECK out of it! Why? Because off to the right, big as life, was a person some of us refer to as Jive David. He is part of ancient history but he does not belong on my blahg. I will say that he played a role in the set of circumstances surrounding why I have a set of caribou antlers in my house despite never having visited caribou country.

I left My Dear Uncle Harry in the photoooo. I have to say that I am not sure he was all that crazy about me when I was a little kid. That’s okay. I was a bratty little thing who could be unkind to other kids and I deserved his skepticism. As we all grow older, I now find myself inadvertently emulating him in many ways, even though we are not blood relatives. A good guy and I love him. For the life of me, I do not know who the little kid is. A couple of our cFam nephews were at the wedding and were about that age but it doesn’t really look like one of them. Hmm… Maybe it is a Piedy? I didn’t do formal invites so I don’t remember who-all showed up.

Bearss was also at my wedding but I’ll post him some other day.

Jeebus, there is a weird noise going on in my house. I sure hope it’s coming from the radio!

One Response to “It was a cat mask”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lovely mask! 🙂 What was the noise??