Breaking with ghosts

I became a bit of a family laughingstock a while back when I said that The King of Cryptic Text Messages had been ghosting me. I meant that he frequently doesn’t reply to text messages and even when he does I can’t always tell what the heck he’s talking about. And then there was the notorious long-ago day when I kept texting him and he was texting me back, except he wasn’t, he was TWITTERING! I was NOT looking at Twitter for replies to my text messages. Jeebus! But nooooo… Mooooom, ghosting is when somebody Breaks Up with you by not responding to a text. For better or for worse, even on the days when we are SCREAMING at each other about polly-ticks or whatever, I know he ain’t gonna break up with me.

But then there’s this whole “breaking with” thing. Since the beginning of the Trumpian Bombasty, I have been reading/hearing about republican folks “breaking with” Trump. Excuse me but I always thought when the news (fake or whatever) reported someone “breaking with” Trump it meant that they were done with Trump forever. Wishful thinking, I guess. As I *think* I have figgered out, all it means is that a republican person disagrees with whatever Word Salad the Orange Baboon has most recently vomited on Twitter or wherever and makes a mild statement pooh-poohing it. But then goes back to enabling him to go on and on (and on and on) with his campaign of self-aggrandizement. How many people were at his inauguration and yada yada. Jeebus. Why not just say so-and-so disagrees with Trump’s latest idiotic statement or action or whatever?

Aside from that, the driveway is not done yet, as you can see. The cement truck wasn’t available today. An old friend of the GG has been visiting us tonight. We took her to Knight’s for dinner and now we are sitting out here in the Landfill back yard watching the faaaarflies and the waxing crescent moon and trying to pretend that there are no moe-skee-toes. But there are and my feet and ankles are itching like crazy. I haven’t actually been bitten, mind you.

2 Responses to “Breaking with ghosts”

  1. Sam Says:

    Is (at the end) that the equivalent mosquito ghosting????

  2. Margaret Says:

    Some people are better texters than others. I am getting fonder of it than I used to be because it communicates without bothering anyone with a phone call. Henry has been the King of Ghosts. Sadly.