On the other side

I met up with Amazon Woman yesterday for our first meeting since I dunno when. Without going through all the details, her mom died. This was sad but not unexpected as hospice was involved. Been there done that.

We talked a bit about life after parents die and she kept looking up toward the sky to talk to her mom. Sometimes laughing or sometimes pointing a fist. I get this.

When I was hanging out in the Moomincabin last week, I found this little scrap of garbage information hanging up on the cupboard next to the stove. It is in The Commander’s handwriting. I have no clue when she wrote this but we still do at least some of the garbage per her instructions. Green bags were not available at that time. They are so cool and I bet The Commander would have used them if she were around now.

I don’t really ever look into the sky to talk to my mother but when I see notes like this, it’s kind of the same thing.

One Response to “On the other side”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still have a note in my MIL’s handwriting about what she wanted to get us for our birthdays in August. She died in July, but I treasure the note. She was so sick, but only thinking of other people.