Isn’t this keyboard loverly? No blood, sweat, or tears. Or even mundane dust particles (which are probably composed in part of blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention flakes of human skin). DNA is everywhere (but you can’t use it like a drug, hahaha, 🐽🐽🐽).

In the end, I paid $333 (oh yeah, plus a diagnostic fee so really more like $400) to fix my ailing humidity/dirt-challenged MacBook Pro. We bypassed the Apple Genius bar and took it to an ancient local business that sells and services Apple stuff – computers at least, not sure about phones. My experiences with the Geniuses at the Bar are mixed and I am glad to give some cash to a local business. Once when I took a previous MacBook Pro in (to the Genius Bar) to get keyboard issues fixed, they freaked out that they found blood. I mean… In the first place, I’m sure it was traces of dried blood. Anyone who owns a laptop has probably bled on it. And are they not wearing blue glubs? I was not impressed. This is my laptop and it resides in my house (or wherever I am) and there WILL be times when a drop of blood (or two) will make its way into my keyboard. That’s life and I am sure you guys have the tools to deal with dried out specks of somebody else’s blood. If it is a large amount of blood, a forensic team might be required to deal with it and they DOOOOOOOO have blue glubs and hazmat suits and whatever they need.

We never figgered out exactly what was wrong this time. It was definitely moisture related but there was no catastrophic event. Maybe it truly was humidity and maybe that issue gets worse as a laptop gets older and the keyboard gets dirtier. I dunno. To make matters worse, we tried to dry out the keyboard with an incandescent lamp. Unfortunately, while no one was watching, the lamp slid down close enough to the keyboard to sorta melt the space bar a bit. I mean, I saw how close the lamp was to the keyboard but I thought it was there on purpose. I guess not.

Glad I didn’t have to buy a new laptop in any case. What a pain that would’ve been. BTW, that dish towel underneath my laptop is there to absorb small drops of water that might be on the counter before they f*ck up the laptop. That has also happened to me.

Oh man, the GG is on the phone with Ed in Fla and I know Ed will never move up here (and we won’t move to Fla) but I sure wish he lived closer to us. Or that there was an apparation app. 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “333”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad it’s fixed, and by someone other than the Genius Bar. My experiences with them have been uniformly negative. Arrogant douchewaffles. Pretty sure I have pieces of popcorn in my keyboard. (and greasy keys)