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The plan was to meet up for some fun porterization at Knight’s tonight. We even had a reservation. But then, Mouse texted her flight info and apologized for ruining our Friday night plans. Say what? I thought their flight was TOMORROW night! I’m not sure how I had gotten that idea but the flight was indeed tonight so I had to cancel my meetup of porterization.

Wouldn’t you know, I ended up at Knight’s *anyway*? We won’t discuss why I was waiting for Mouse at Arrivals and she was looking for me at Departures. Apparently this has happened before 🐽 In the end it was all cool and then the grandmother made an appearance. We were [finally] safely westbound on the I94 18-wheel Slogway heading back to the Planet and we were discussing restaurants and *she* suggested calling ahead to Knight’s to get on their list. OKAY! And so she did. She gave the name “Anne” for the reservation and when they repeated the info back to her, they had interpreted it as “Fran”, which is my mother’s name, aka Mouse’s grandmother. She corrected them but I’m thinking maybe we’ll start using “Fran” as our reservation name. The Commander did love Knight’s.

I think this week may have been one of the more interesting times to spend in North Carolina. I won’t detail Mouse’s trip except to say that when walking the beach yesterday, they encountered BIG BONES sticking out of the sand! Those big bones turned out to be whale bones. As it turned out, a whale had come too close to shore last November and was euthanized and buried right in front of the condo Mouse and friends were staying at. Here is one quick and dirty link, you can google more if you want.

Apparently Florence dredged the dead whale up again and this morning a backhoe came out to dig it up and re-bury it. I don’t usually post dead aminal pics on my blahg because I know some people don’t like to look at them but I’m not sure this one is all that gross in the grand scheme of things. I think that’s a rib in the pic but I could well be wrong. I think the biggest carcasses I have ever seen wash up on the moominbeach were a deer and a dog. We walked by the dog for weeks as it decomposed (I can still remember watching the blob that was what was left of its eye deteriorate as time went on) and finally disappeared, food for something, or maybe an adult beach community member finally got sick of looking at it and buried it somewhere. Just imagine trying to dig up a whale carcass and re-bury it.

Knight’s turned out to be a perfect place for my plane travelers to decompress with a round of ‘hattans and sandwiches and I have just gotten word that everyone is now safely home. 🧡🧡🧡

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