Turnips and lima beans

I was planning to write about things like turnips and lima beans yesterday but I went a little ballistic after I saw some facebook comments that I didn’t agree with. I wish I could say I won’t write about that kind of stuff again for a while but I have found myself involved in some totally surreal conversations recently and feel the need to document them. But not on this gorgeous day!

I have been in and out of town a *lot* this summer and it was time to get control of the Landfill again. Yesterday I hit up the Farmers Market as soon as it opened (7 AM) and acquired lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, TURNIPS and fresh picked LIMA BEANS, as many as I could get my hands on. I know that turnips and lima beans are not necessarily everybody’s favorite foods. I have *always* liked lima beans but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I found *fresh* ones at the farmers market. They are to die for. Turnips are a more recently acquired taste. Let’s just say that the turnips I get from the farmers are *nothing* like the turnips rocks that were available in the grocery stores of my youth. One simple thing I like to do with turnips is mash them with a little butter, milk, and horseradish.

I did some internet shopping (nothing interesting) and then I unpacked my suitcase. I mean I took everything out of it and put back only a few items, my travel nightshirt, a few pairs of unmentionables, a pair of socks, a couple pairs of tights. Stuff that I’ll be needing the next time I travel to the great white north. The bathing suit got put away along with my sunhat and a bunch of dry bags.

And I cleaned out my junk drawer. I mean the one in the chitchen, there are a couple others. The kitchen junk drawer was such a holy mess I couldn’t face any of the other ones today. I was looking for something in particular but did not find it. After umpteen gazillion years of keeping it in the same easily accessible place, I suspect The Pensioner has squirreled it away somewhere else… I know I have gotten rid of many office supplies. So why do I have eight pairs of scissors? Clips of all description. Uncountable tape dispensers. I do not know. Back in the Jurassic Age, I was one of those office supply store junkies. Back when we actually used paper.

I also took myself on a little river ride this morning, extending it out on the back roads west of Dexter, then turning south to my favorite Jerusalem Road, eventually making my way down to Swan Corners before heading back home. It wasn’t terribly cold this morning but cold enough that I had to bundle lightly up to walk and it felt good to turn on the Ninja’s heat for my little drive. I do NOT need the heat on inside the house yet, thank you very much!

Oh, I did make a bitsy of bacon today. Half of a 12 oz. pkg and there’s enough left over for a bitsy for breakfast for the next couple days.

2 Responses to “Turnips and lima beans”

  1. Sam Says:

    I used to keep up my backlog of office supplies, too—and now have most of two large boxes of staples. Did I use more than two staples in the last year—or even that?????? Supplies for the wrong century…. 😉

  2. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    There are so many drawers and closets and cupboards that I need to go through here…It boggles my mind! My ex used to include turnips in his egg scrambles and I found them very tasty.