Crocuses (croci?)

crocusI tried to look up the genus and species for crocus and found that, wouldn’t you know, *Crocus* is the *genus*. Who the heck knows what species these little shoots are. But it’s March and we have crocus (croci?) in spite of the continued bone-chilling temperatures. These are just about the only flowering plants in the Landfill yard that manage to escape the murderous clumsiness of the infamous and notorious Black Thumb Banana. These crocus bulbs have been here since we bought the Landfill almost 25 years ago. And there are some tulips and daffodils around too. Maybe a few iris or lilies or whatever they are. In general, Black Thumb Banana has killed off just about everything. The unfortunate plants who have the bad luck to have to reside in the Landfill backyard cringe and shrink down into the ground every time they hear the booming galumph of Black Thumb’s footsteps heading into the back yard. “Who is she gonna step on this time?” “Who is she gonna pull up?” “Wait, wait! I’m not a weed!”

I’ll leave you with this sign that however black the economy may be, spring will return to the Great Lake State someday. Even though it is *still* winter and there are still blackened piles of snow in cold spots around here and it is still pretty darn cold. I was sitting with MTCB in the back of Barry’s this morning and we were squinting out at the snow that was falling. It was a sniggly little bunch of snow showers that didn’t stick. Business as usual. By this time of the year, we just deal with it around here. If we get a significant snow accumulation, we don’t always even shovel. It usually melts by the next day or two anyway. Life in the Great White North.

Yarg. G’night. Long but fun week. And one more day to go.


4 Responses to “Crocuses (croci?)”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Around here, the first signs of Spring include the teenaged boys out on the streets playing with their skateboards (guess the skateboarding girls wait till it’s a bit warmer). Still wearing winter gear while practicing all those fancy-schmancy moves.

    I have been seeing red-winged blackbirds at the feeder at work! And a robin today at home!

  2. Sam Says:

    Hmm. Perhaps a bit more like daffodils and their kin than crocuses? Keep watching and report again later?

  3. Jay Says:

    The croci are up in our neighborhood. (not in our yard) Our daffodils and tulips have started to come up, but I am worried that our week of freezing temps will stunt them. Some of the leaf tips look like gnarled arthritic tips.

  4. jane Says:

    I also have something green coming up in my spacious plot (about 4′ by 7′). I planted bulbs two falls ago, so this is the second summer for them.
    I am officially over winter. I was walking home from The Ark Wednesday night when there was a frigid biting wind. I am done. I want spring and summer. and croci.