Alien landing craft

Man oh man, it was dark this morning. Not stormy, just dark. The sun rose at 8:04 AM this morning. Yes, really. 8:04 AM. Let that sink in a bit. Five days from now, we will switch to Eastern Standard for the long hard winter and we will get a lot more light in the morning. But not in the afternoon. But we’ll talk about that another day.

We used to switch back to standard time earlier in the season but at some point people got all freaked out about the precious little snowflakes (aka children) who have to trick-or-treat in the dark. If I remember accurately, this change was related to possible deaths by automobile accidents. I get that it is dangerous to be walking around in the dark but we (aka the GG) ALWAYS accompanied our children on trick-or-treat (in the dark). I don’t think I have ever handed out candy to a child under about 12 who didn’t have a parent or a whole gang of friends or both. And the parents always seem to be hanging out watching *who* is handing out the candy. Are those baggy old people okay? Is it poisoned? Did they put needles in it? Traffic? What traffic?

Folks, we hand out wrapped CHOCOLATE candy, straight from our Meijer grocery store. Twix, York Peppermint Patties, M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, etc. (I leave it up to parents and/or intelligent kids to weed out peanut stuff if necessary). And we hand out multiples. Here, have a few or 10! We are not cheep and we are not out there trying to change people’s dietary habits by handing out apples or carrots or granola bars or whatever. Halloween is a FUN and decadent day for kids and we want to keep it that way. Most kids are gonna stay up late and do a short-term overdose on sugar. So what? In my experience, the kids eat the chocolate candy and some of the other candy and then there’s a whole bunch of crappy hard candy (suckers and slowpokes, etc.) that haaaannng around forever and by about Easter, I always threw it all out. And bought CHOCOLATE Easter candy.

Back to the time zone, nowadays we get this weird little space of time at the end of October when it is darker than all getout until I get about halfway to Cubelandia. Especially when it’s cloudy, like it was this morning. And I’m not sure what happened when aliens landed at Houghton Lake last night.

One Response to “Alien landing craft”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a fan of the time change and would rather just stay with one or the other. (too many clocks to change!) Being retired, I like the dark mornings and more light in the afternoon. But I will deal with whatever. 🙂