Go blue (and I am not talking about the University of Michigan’s football team)

I’ll rant about today’s epically bad online banking experience some other day.

Today I am gonna rant about polly-ticks. If you are not inclined to “go blue” tomorrow, move on. If there is no way I can persuade you to “go blue” tomorrow, move on.

I am gonna go blue! I am gonna go blue all the way, even though here in the Great Lake State we can no longer “pull the big lever” to vote a straight party ticket. I am gonna fill in all those little ovals with that felt-tip pen. I am gonna vote blue the whole way.

Every vote for a Republican candidate is a vote for the Orange Baboon*. Every vote for a candidate registered in a third party is a vote for the Orange Baboon. (Remember, I told you to bag out if you didn’t want to listen to my rant.)

I do not like the Orange Baboon. I do not like him on a train. I do not like him in the rain. I did not like him yesterday. I did not like him in 2016 or 2012 or even 1996. My opinion is that he is not an appropriate person to head our beautiful country. I think he should have stuck to building licensing “luxury” hotels (or whatever it is he and Ivanka do besides design handbags).

I get taaarrrred of “people” constantly telling me that I get my opinions from NPR or Nancy Pelosi (!!!) or wherever. I listen to NPR (I love the Sunday puzzle and jazz). I am not a Pelosi fan (whut?). My opinions have not changed all that much throughout my life. If anything, it’s the Republican party that has moved away from me. Way way way to the right and with this administration into the twilight zone.

There are things that are “broken” in our great country but the Orange Baboon is not going to fix them with his ham-handed edicts and his divisive rhetoric, Twitter or wherever.

Example: Immigrants. This is a very complex issue and maybe immigration rules need to be revisited but suddenly issuing a travel ban that affects legal USA residents and causes them great difficulties upon re-entering the country is not how to handle that problem. And let’s clarify some vocabulary while we’re at it. “Caravan”? “Invaders”? So there’s a ragged bunch of people who are *walking* from Guatemala to our southern border. This is an “invasion”? And has anyone looked at a frickin’ MAP? Where is the “caravan” and where are our troops? The ones who are surely much more heavily armed than the “invaders”. And what is an “invasion” exactly? This is a conversation we should all be having. And I have left out the child-separation policy enforcement because I just. Can’t. Go. There.

So I do NOT like what is going on now. I think Trump has hoodwinked a whole bunch of uneducated, illiterate down-on-their-luck people into thinking he is their savior. And quite a few intelligent, educated folks too, for reasons I do NOT understand. I agree that we need change in this country but Trump is NOT our savior. He is in this for himself and that is all.

So, I am gonna go blue tomorrow. I am not optimistic. If you have read this far, please WAKE UP if you are planning to vote for Trump surrogates tomorrow! They are not good for our country. My mother The Commander, once staunchly Republican, would be marching in the streets at this point.

*And someone once suggested that calling Trump a baboon disrespected the baboon species. I’ll talk about baboons some other day 🐽

G’night and whoever you are inclined to vote for, please vote tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Go blue (and I am not talking about the University of Michigan’s football team)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have voted, and for no one who would support the Orange Baboon. It’s still difficult for me to process what has happened and what is happening. If I think about it too much, I get super depressed and despairing. Hoping for the best!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    AMEN, sister! I am honestly concerned what could very well happen if the dems don’t at least take the House. The white nationalism, authoritarianism tendencies really do smack of Germany during the rise of Hitler. I paid attention in my history classes, and have relatives with direct experience of how it was like in Germany in the 1930s. The parallels are terrifying. People elected him. (My relatives saw the writing on the wall and left).