New moon rising

I (as always) went to sleep before the election results were in so I woke up with some trepidation about looking at anything beyond the weather on my phone. In the end it was an email from a Democratic party “bot” (“Tom Perez”, who?) that gave me the news that blue took back the House. I sent a small contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign back in 2016 because I wanted some swag and now I get emails from the Dems. Oh, don’t getcher undies in a bunch. I get spam email from the GOP too, probably from visiting conservative news sites. Because I doooo do that, don’tcha know. I am just trying to understand… … …

After I fact-checked that welcome little bit of news, I womanned up and did a search for Gretchen Whitmer, who was my choice for the Great Lake State’s governor. SHE WON! I had kind of expected her to win but I still felt relief. I dunno if she’ll be successful at her campaign “promise” to “fix the damn roads” but I have been impressed with her since she served as a state senator. She declined to run for governor in 2014 because her children were too young. By the way, I think that it is GOOD for people (of any gender) to decide their children need more attention than a job. Assuming they can afford not to take the job, that is, but that would be a whole ‘nother blahg entry.

When I heard Gretchen was running in 2018, I think I screamed with joy. Okay, I didn’t really scream. But she is an Amazon Woman, a lot like my supervisor and, er, I think she’s around the same age as my supervisor (who would probably be a good governor but I think she much prefers to be an engineer). My hopes are high that Gretchen will be a positive force in our state. If she manages to fix the damn roads, that’ll be a plus because they are awful and it’s noticeable when you are driving up from Fla and you cross into Michigan from Ohio and you immediately wonder if your wheel bearings have gone bad again. Bumpity clunk. But not sure she will be able to manage that longtime uphill battle…

Oh man, I sound like a FAN, don’t I? I don’t know what Gretchen will accomplish as governor. I have an idea how hard being a state governor might be. Enough of an idea that I know I could never do it.

I finally got rid of my “I’m with her” Hillary Clinton magnet and replaced it with Lady Liberty. I AM WITH LADY LIBERTY ALWAYS!

A new moon is rising today. I mean astronomically. Check your moon app 🌚.

One Response to “New moon rising”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad for the great news! Although things didn’t go the way I wanted in my district, they (mostly) did in my state. That will have to do, I guess.