It is winter (or so says the weather if not the calendar) so do NOT leave the Ninja in the street overnight.

Problem 1… I needed to get the Ninja into the driveway this morning so I could egregiously idle it before leaving for work to melt what looked (from the front window) like a wee bit of snow. Why? Because I DO NOT SCRAPE ICE/SNOW OFF VEEEEENDSHEEEELDS unless I have absolutely no other choice. No problem. I will just drive it into the driveway before I take my 0-skunk-30 walk and egregiously idle it after I get back.

Problem 2… This morning, the Ninja’s windows were TOTALLY ENCASED in a thin layer of opaque ice/frost/whatever. I could NOT SEE A BLOOMIN’ THING! And, at 24 degrees, it was definitely not going to scrape off easily or quickly.

Somehow, despite being almost totally blinded by the ice/frost/whatever, I managed to navigate the Ninja into the driveway without hitting anything or anybody. (Oh, okay. I checked for dog-walkers on the sidewalk before I did this and opening a couple of windows allowed me to at least locate landmarks. Curb? Check. Big tree? Check.) Was it the best parking job I have ever done? No, it looked like a drunk had parked it.

The Ninja has old-fashioned egregious idling technology, meaning that SOMEONE (aka meeeee) has to go outside and physically start it up and then I don’t want to lock it because I am (for NO REASON because there is another key) afraid I will get locked out with the car running. The Commander once got stuck at the bank (my dad’s bank) with a vee-hickle in that situation and she was pretty p*ssed off not only because she did that but also because she had to call her 16-year-old new driver (meeeee) to drive another set of keys down. I bet my dad and his colleagues were laughing their you-know-whats off inside the bank. Anyway, the Frog Hopper has much newer technology, the kind where you can click it on with the key from inside the house and the engine (AND THE DEFROSTERS) start up and it stays locked. My next vee-hickle (am I ready for it?) will absolutely have that technology but I will have a hard time giving up my cute li’l Ninja.

P.S. I WISH I had come up with today’s title/hashtag but I did not. I am sorry. I know that Trump-bashing is not popular with some of my readers but. I. Mean. Really? I love Cananananada’s response with the forest Rooooomba. I’m trying to find it but I am not able to find a direct link to the video except on facebook. But the idea is that folks in Finland are shown raking leaves in the woods while Canucks are cleaning them up with Roooombas.

3 Responses to “#MakeAmericaRakeAgain”

  1. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    His idiocy has no bottom. And then “Pleasure?” The town is PARADISE, you shitbiggon.

    At least there is great “pleasure” in all of the snarky memes. (I posted the Roomba on my FB, but it’s a still shot).

  2. Pooh Says:

    I’m pretty sure there are several thousand people at the Southern Border who’d be happy to work as “Forest Rakers”
    And they’re good at hiking through rough terrain, too.

  3. Margaret Says:

    It is nasty to scrape windshields and doesn’t stay that way for long. Better to use the defrost. I have a 2018 but it doesn’t have that fancy technology. My friend has a 2019 and it does, but it is an Outback, which is the Flagship of the Subaru fleet. (according to his salesman) My Forester is several years behind it in technology. (but also cost $14,000 less)