Oot and aboot

As various Canadians have been heard to say. Except @tmotu texted “*Out* and aboot” today. Did I need anything? No, not really. He was also bugging me about what I want for xmas but we’ll talk about that (or not) some other day.

It was like a tomb over at Cubelandia today. I think there were six vee-hickles in the parking lot all day. And about a gazillion Cananananada Geese. Amazon Woman eventually came in but had to meet delivery folks at her house this morning so I ran the stand-up. I asked if anyone had any updates and exactly two people did, therefore the meeting took five minutes. All of the people who usually have a lot to say were on vacay and everyone else seemed relieved that it was so short. Building Mom got out the xmas decorations this afternoon. I think most of the Cubelandia decorations are things employees “donated”, i.e., didn’t want anymore and dumped off in the lunchroom. We already had a head start on xmas decorations because AW put up a string of lights for the Indian holiday Diwali. We are thinking about more comprehensive plans for Diwali next year.

I had coffee with MMCB1 this morning for the first time in three weeks. She’s been off gallivanting around Taiwan and now has a whole bunch of new facebook friends whose names show up in Chinese characters so she isn’t always sure who is who. I do not know how she keeps up with her jet-setter schedule. I drive to Houghton Lake for a regular old weekend and it takes me a few days to catch up. Anyway, I said that I was getting off work early today and had to go the grocery store on the way home. She was alarmed! It’ll be crazy, she said. The lines will be out the door, she said. Oh, no, I said. I am going to the Plum Market. It’ll be busy as all getout but it’ll be fine. And it *was* busy as all getout but it *was* fine. I did NOT have to wait in line at all and I had a great time bantering with the young man running the cash register about how slow the checkout lines in the traditional stores are the day before a holiday. And they *are*.

Okay, I lost my train of thought. That is the GG with his xmas gift (from meeeeeee 🐽), which he scoped out and went to purchase today. This is a sooper dooper yooper blooper blower. I hope we don’t need it this winter but I fear we will, given the crapola Old Man Winter has already thrown at us.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I honestly had no idea what that was, so I’m glad you told us. 🙂 I was at the store early Wednesday and there were no problems. I think my Scots grandpa used to say oot and aboot!