I guess it’s Vintage Week

I never know what The Pensioner is gonna be doing on any given day. Today I pulled up in front of the Landfill after work (in the dark) and Reddy Kilowatt had obviously taken over (and I couldn’t get into the driveway right away because there was a UPS truck blocking it).

I guess some kind of mini-fling was in progress today because he hauled out this collection of The Commander’s leather glubs and asked if I wanted any of them. Well. I have my own collection of leather glubs. I really don’t wear them any more. Those little “50-cent” one-size-fits-all knit glubs work for me in almost any weather. If it gets down to single digits or below, I wear two pairs on each hand. And that actually works. Thin leather glubs are beautiful but not usually warm enough for our winters.

In my young adult years, The Comm sent me a pair of elegant leather glubs every xmas. Driving glubs. I loved them. I have black and red and brown and even emerald green of all things. One year she apparently decided that Lizard Breath was old enough to be gifted with elegant leather glubs. She sent Liz a beautiful black fake fur trimmed pair and me a simple black pair. As it turned out, Liz and I traded glubs. I guess The Commander was thinking that a trendy teenage granddaughter would prefer the “fun” fancy fake fur trimmed glubs and a baggy old bag daughter would prefer the more sedate version. Or maybe she *wished* that her baggy old bag daughter would prefer the more sedate version. What’s true is that Liz dresses fashionably but elegantly. Her moom (meeee) has, um, her own style, which amounts to pulling on a “uniform” every day with some occasional “flash” when people are least expecting it. There was a lot more “flash” when I was a teenager and young adult. I think The Comm always wished for me to be more elegant than flashy. Sorry moom. Love you anyway 🧡

By the way, I am not ready to get rid of my own leather glub collection yet, even though I rarely never wear them.

Oh yeah, I waited a while for the UPS guy to deliver things and then he drove off and I thought he had left the neighborhood but THEN, I was getting my laptop, etc., out of the Ninja and HELLO, there was the [cheerful] UPS guy delivering FOUR packages to my house. I apologized to him for Ninja in the driveway and he apologized to me for *blocking* Ninja’s driveway. FOUR packages? What the hell did I buy? LOL!

2 Responses to “I guess it’s Vintage Week”

  1. isa Says:

    I’ve gotten better at the elegance and fashionable part as I’ve gotten older… too bad grandma doesn’t get to see it 🙁

  2. Margaret Says:

    Ashley’s style was extremely eclectic in high school and soon after, complete with dreadlocks and mismatched clothes from second hand shops. Then she lived in New York City for two years and everything changed. 🙂