Uh, yeah… Brain moving slower than body…

moosoneemoomOf course, my brain and my body rarely move at the same speed. My body moves really fast as a general rule. Not that I am an extremely fast runner or skier or whatever. At this age, I don’t quite red-queen around like I did back in grade school. It’s more that I move without engaging the old, tired brain. On the other hand, the old, tired brain moves pretty fast most of the time. It just doesn’t always move very efficiently. Infinite loop, anyone? So it’s been a long week and I’ve been going hucklety-buck to get a prodject (intentionally misspelled) finished by, well, tomorrow. And I am one meeting away with some developers from getting it done. I hope. And once, I was blathering away in front of a couple of developers about scattering a certain engineer’s ashes on the seat of a developer’s bulldozer and they were kinda looking at me like WTF? So woops! I backpedaled pretty darn quick to clarify that I was talking about a *real estate* developer, not a *software* developer. One of them said something like, “Well, if I find ashes on my keyboard, I’ll know whodunit.” Of course, I don’t know too many *software* developers who have bulldozers but you never know. Anyway. Today was one of those rare days when I drank a half-cup of coffee in the mid-afternoon. Just to stay awake. And whaddya think? Dooya think this cute pic of me and Moosonee would make a good Twitter icon pic? Too bad it’s so pixelated but that’s whatcha sometimes get with a webcam pic. I wonder if I should take out that group home stuff or what. Sorry, but this is the kind of blather y’all get when my brain is moving slower than my body. Blaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhg.

I hear clinking ice cubes and they are not from the other side for once. Er, well, maybe from the other side of the window that used to look out on the back yard long before we owned the Landfill.

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