Terlet donations

Yerb. I felt like crapola again this morning. Problem? I needed to get up in time to get the recycle container out to the curb before 7 AM. I dunno why I didn’t just abandon my stoopid anal Garbage Woman rules and put the dern thing out last night.

I *always* put the *garbage* cart out the night before pickup. Whether or not it has anything in it and sometimes it doesn’t. This week, I put a particularly stinky bag of garbage into the garbage cart mid-week.

The morning *of* garbage pickup is when I put the *recycle* cart out. I put whatever various pieces of recycling are hanging out into that cart and wheel it out along with whatever other garbage I can bag up. Those are my rules. I shouldda bagged my rules this week but I didn’t, so I had to drag my sicko self outta the rack and suit up for 20-something degree weather to deal with it.

I am not really all that sick. It’s just a cold virus. Early early this morning, I sensed that the GG was touching my forehead. I thought, “he thinks I have a fever.” I actually may have (I was wondering) but if I did, it was a very low-grade fever. It was certainly gone by the time I dragged myself outta the rack and schlepped the dern garbage down to the curb this morning. He seems to need someone to mollycoddle but it cannot be ME!

I went to the ladies room during the Beach Boys concert intermission. I really kinda wanted to go HOME at that point but I sucked it up and stayed. But man oh man, did I have to wait in a long line to concertP. It was only a few years ago that the Michigan Theatre was totally renovated. The ladies room was beeyootiful. But *three* measly stalls? Say what? 20 people in line? C’mon. Nobody was waiting outside the mens’ room.

So, finally I got to P. I was really fast (’cause when you grow up using an outhouse, you are fast at using terlets because, er, oh well, outhouses would be a whole ‘nother topic) but then I turned around to figure out how to flush this new Michigan Theatre terlet and there on the wall was a little plaque with the name of a friend of mine from the Haisley Mafia days. I guess she donated a terlet? Of course I had to take a pic.

I sent a pic of the donation plaque to the beach urchin who went to grade school with my friend’s daughter and she suggested that maybe *I* would’ve been an appropriate person to donate a terlet to the Michigan Theatre. I could not disagree with that and it TOTALLY cracked me up!

Porterization at Knights tonight. Seems as though the Porters are also in some stages of The Cold That’s Going Around. Good times anyway.

3 Responses to “Terlet donations”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t figure out why they don’t put more stalls in women’s restrooms! There is always a line! Hope your cold will soon be better. It’s the time of year for nasty viruses. I put out my recycle last night when it was actually yard waste. Oops. I had the yard waste half full of leaves, but they’ll keep for a few weeks. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Get better soon!
    Are there restrooms on another level? When we go to the Fox Theatre (google it), our tickets are on the main floor. There’s a huge bathroom down 1 level, but I usually find it’s faster to go up to the 4th mezzanine restroom than down the one long, packed staircase to main bathroom.

  3. jane Says:

    There is a much larger bathroom on the main floor. Head straight from the entrance doors to the ‘back’ wall. (balcony steps on the right, main theater on the left). Turn left down the ramp/hallway and you’ll get to the men’s room first, then the ladies loo – with around 10 or 12 stalls. The Screening Room and the Annex are back in that area, to the right just before the restrooms.

    Worth running down from the balcony to use the bigger one I suspect. The one in the balcony is original, with no room to expand.