Sunday Moomday

Actually it isn’t Moomday but we did Moomday today because I figured the beach urchins might feel guilty if they didn’t drive all the way over to the Planet Ann Arbor on a weeknight. In the winter, no less, although snow does not seem to be in the immediate forecast. Today was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day to drive to DayTwa, so that’s what we did, picking up our Mouse on the way.

There are lots of things to do in Detroit and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. This weekend has been psychologically slodgy for me (it’s okay, just the January blahs) and the small amount of coffee I had this morning gave me a stoopid Covfefe High so I did not start out as a particularly happy camper. When museums were mentioned, I caught myself being a bit whiney. I did NOT feel museum-y at all today. I felt more Belle Isle-y than museum-y. In the end we compromised and drove around Belle Isle, then back downtown, where we parked at MOCAD and walked up to the Detroit Historical Museum.

The Detroit Institute of Arts would’ve totally overwhelmed me today (it’s HUUUUUGE) but the historical museum turned out to be just the ticket, a small easily digestible museum. And free, although Lizard Breath and I did put a decent donation in the box to cover the four of us.

LB commandeered the Frog Hopper when we got back to the MOCAD parking lot and we had a loverly pizza and beet salad lunch at Ottavo Via, one of our Detroit faves. This place gets slammed at night (3 hour waits?) but on a weekend afternoon it is not usually busy. After that a trinket store (where Yooperlight came out) and then a mini-ride so we could arrive at Motor City Wine for a “nightcap” when it opened at four. We were giggling about a possible skeleton in the family closet when we arrived there and had to kind of ‘splain ourselves to the bartender. We didn’t say toooo much to him (of course) but he was great fun for us.

And then we headed off into the sunset. Literally. The setting sun was in our eyes to a dangerous degree. But then we headed north for a bit and by the time we headed west again, it was so low on the horizon that it didn’t interfere with driving and then it set. A little bit later every day.

2 Responses to “Sunday Moomday”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Have you ever been to the art museum in Toledo? They have a beautiful glass collection.

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a great day with your family! Love how you fit in the covfefe reference. 🙂