January lights on No Politics Day

I’m sure I’ve written about this before but I like indoor lighting to be as natural as possible, which means dark at this time of year in the Great Lake State. Well, unless I actually need good lighting for something. I do not need good lighting to type a blahg entry on a laptop or use an iPhone. So almost all of the lights are out in the Landfill right now, except for some LED twinkle lights, candles, and a cute li’l faaaaar in the faaaarplace.

So what do you give someone who has everything? NOTHING!

I was happy to have someone get up early and Egregiously Idle both vee-hickles to melt the ice off zee veeeendsheeelds. I chose the Frog Hopper for today although the Ninja would’ve done fine as it turned out.

But since I did *not* drive the Ninja, I was happy it received an oil change today. The light has been on for a while. I can do car stuff if I have to but it seems more efficient if the GG does it. He was outta town when the light came on and this was no emergency.

I was happy to be served a celebratory ‘hattan “up” in one of my in-laws’ gorgeous etched crystal glasses recently retrieved from The Beautiful Suzie’s house in Fla. It’s from their wedding china, etc. I wonder if they ever used those glasses what with 10 children to raise.

And then there was the supply of fake logs for the faaaarplace. We always buy faaaarwood but a fake log is good in a pinch. Not to mention that it doesn’t spit sparks out onto the carpet.

I was happy to receive a DM from MMCB1 early this morning even though she also canceled our coffee klatch for today. Why? Because ice. Her driveway is practically vertical, in an upward direction. It’s okay. We’re gonna try for tomorrow. Then texts from beach urchins. And now a group is texting and a Bacon Pocket pic is making the rounds.

I was maybe the happiest to receive the story that went along with Ninja’s oil change. A woman whose first language was not English brought her car into the oil change place and they refused to serve her because it was OUT OF OIL! I couldn’t repeat all of the details if I tried but the short story is that the GG came to the rescue and helped her get the situation sorted out. There was a lot of stuff about going back and forth across the street to get more oil that I couldn’t follow 🐽 but all I have to say is I’m glad he helped and it kind of made my day. PAY IT FORWARD!

2 Responses to “January lights on No Politics Day”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Those lights in the picture do look rather nice.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Great story about the oil change and the GG to the rescue! I prefer lots of light (of any kind!), but it might be because I’m here alone.