Needles hitting you in the face

I put my yaktrax on my boots this morning and I tried to walk. The treacherous sidewalks were okay but then I turned into the schoolyard and “needles” were hitting my face. Ice Storm.

I knew that I could telecommute. FZ even telecommuted today. I asked him if he was in Cubelandia and if so, how the roads were. FZ is usually hardcore about driving in but he hunkered down today. And the schools were closed (again) so Amazon Woman was also telecommuting.

I ran a spec review today from my dining room table. I have always been nervous about spec reviews and I think this is the first time I have done a spec review from home. Spec reviews are where we are designing new functionality and I have to write it up and then present it to the entire team. Sometimes it all works out. Sometimes it gets crazy as all getout. I was nervous about handling this review from home but it ended up being okay (I think). The GG was probably not totally listening to it but I do know that he heard The Bear grumbling away (cue the Volga Boat Song).

I am soooo taaaared of telecommuting but I did do it again. I waited until something like 8:00 AM to check in with my children, etc. about how their drives were. Driving from Ypsi to Northville early in the morning was “terrifying”. Driving to the Plum was okay later on but walking into the store was awful. Driving to MOCAD in Detroit was pretty okay, it sounded like.

Our new yooper snowblower does not handle ice. We knew that when we bought it. So the GG went out and chipped ice and shoveled (by hand) slush this afternoon. I wish I had a pic of our driveway when I met the mail person out there today. It was a total mess and I watched him slip and slide all over the place. I met him at the door, where he handed me one piece of spam mail that I immediately threw into the recycle cart.

I wanna go and work at Cubelandia tomorrow. Please Old Man Winter let me do that.

2 Responses to “Needles hitting you in the face”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Old Man winter is a grumpy b*stard this year. He’s been very mean to my area, and now to you, and later than expected. Hope you can get in to the job site tomorrow. I have trouble being productive from home, even though I’m a teacher, so I wasn’t able to do so very frequently. (except correcting and recording quizzes/tests which I did often)

  2. Sam Says:

    Lordy (not my usual term), I’m not linked/friended (or other) to OMW (aka Old Man Winter), but, geeze, I’m rooting for ya, KW. Stalwart, ya are. [No ice here, [AT PRESENT], that is: in the (former?) Deep South, knock on wood. Whew.]