A journey, complete with the usual marital discord 🐽

Oh don’t worry. It’s nothing more than the usual GG/KW crapola. It’s just that today is the day we made our annual pilgrimage to the Quiet Water Symposium. The GG was behaving in a bit more of a frenetic manner than I was comfortable with but that was because we had the Frog Hopper full of stuff to set up a North Country Trail booth here at Moo-U, where the symposium is held. But look! Here is a sandhill crane! Moments before this, I had been yammering away about slowing down on this icy, washboard-y back road that is part of our normal route to East Lansing. And then *he* slowed down because this guy and his partner were taking their time crossing the road.

Next up, lunch at Dagwood’s, an old Lansing/EL barroom we remember from our years as students. We sat at the bar where we could watch the cooks do their thing. Somehow I managed to sneak a pic while they were momentarily away from the stove or grill or whatever you want to call this apparatus. Very good food and we’ll be back.

From there we set up our booth at the pavilion. That is to say, the GG set it up. Me and our Lansing NCT friend Greg sat around and kibbitzed. We both know that the GG has some sort of plan in his head and there’s no point in us trying to interfere. I did help straighten a Hudson Bay blanket on the table and Greg went on an extension cord snagging expotition because the GG (somehow) fergot one. Here are Froggy and Froggette practicing their pole dancing for the event tomorrow. I snagged them when we left and they are safely ensconced in the Frog Hopper with the other aminals for the night.

We met up with Greg and some other NCT friends for dinner at our fave Beggar’s Banquet where much gabblety gabblety gabblety ensued.

And now we are back at our hotel, which is the Candlewood Suites this year. This is a much better hotel than the one we stayed in last year, which I will not name 🐽 We won’t talk about the room number confusion we had upon our arrival 💩

One Response to “A journey, complete with the usual marital discord 🐽”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a good time! I never got in my husband’s way either since he had a specific way he wanted to do things. And I’m much better at chatting anyway!!