Brain on drugs?

brainplantI am a basket case today. That is just about all. It is not a bad thing. I have three different prodjects (intentionally misspelled) going on at work. I like being just a little bit overscheduled. It keeps me on my toes. When I got home tonight, I was asked if I wanted to walk downtown for dinner. Well. No. Not really. Physically, I have the energy to walk down there. I do *not* have the energy to deal with the crowded restaurants of a Friday night in the downtown district of the Planet Ann Arbor. And I’m not sure I felt like I would want to walk home, especially with having to squint into the setting midnight sun. And we have to get up at 0-dark-30 tomorrow morning. At least an hour earlier than I usually get up and that is pretty dern early. And I didn’t really want restaurant food. I wanted to cook. Not anything elaborate. Just something simple. In my own ugly little Landfill kitchen. I did manage to walk over to the Plum Market. It was a good thing I had company because I could not, for the life of me think what I wanted to eat. We ended up with some pork chops from the butcher case, breaded with panko and parmesan, and mashed potatoes and squash and salad. We hardly *ever* eat pork chops.

So. It is Fried-day, according to a co-worker. Is everyone fried?


12 Responses to “Brain on drugs?”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    yeah, it is. and yeah, I am. sorta.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I am totally fried. No more to say

  3. isa Says:

    we have one of those plants in our living room

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  5. Dog Mom Says:

    What kind of plant is that? Something like a “jade plant” (fuzzy memories of being shown one way back in grade school…)????

  6. Tonya Says:

    I’ve been fried-ER, but yup, still fried. Always am on Friday nights. But in a good way, because at least it’s Friday night.

  7. isa Says:

    we have a jade plant too, but that’s not it. i’m not sure what that is called…

  8. Dog Mom Says:

    Ok, the, until I know better, my brain has come up with “microminiinediblebananaplant”

  9. jane Says:

    I believe it’s a burro’s tail. a succulent, which is more formally called Sedum.

    this is only part of what I have learned from having Bubs as a mom.

  10. Fran Says:

    fried is better than frozen

    from the great far north…………………F

  11. isa Says:

    grandma has the best comments.

  12. Dog Mom Says:

    Jane! Love you! Thank you for coming up with the right name!!

    According to Wiki, looks like a version of “sedum reflexum”: