Shut the Front Door!

A while back Building Mom brought in a kind of a dice game that is played on a wooden frame. The name of the game is Shut the Front Door. I actually think the phrase Shut the Front Door means something not very polite but the game seems popular. Since I am near the lunch room, I often hear people playing it for a few minutes while they take a break from work.

At any rate, the GG was gone ALL DAY and when I came home this afternoon, I touched Disco Lock, hoping like heck it would UNLOCK without a problem. It was COLD AGAIN today and I didn’t want to have to put all my crapola down to dredge my phone out (which is what locks/unlocks Disco Lock). I do have a regular key on my key ring but c’mon, the point of installing a Disco Lock is so you don’t have to use the key.

Sooooo. My phone actually communicated with Disco Lock. Unfortunately, it LOCKED the door. Yes, the door had been left unlocked ALL DAY!!! !!! !!! Miraculously, after one false start, my phone actually unlocked it again. Whew!

I have not actually played Shut the Front Door. I am really not much of a gamer, unless you count the xword. I did go through a few phone game phases. Angry Birds to de-stress while The Commander was in rehab, etc. Candy Crush (yes really and C*Q*L caught me at it once🐲) for a while after The Comm died because for a while I needed, well, I dunno what, mindless activity, I guess. Two Dots and that gradient game I played endlessly for a few days at xmas, both courtesy of Lizard Breath. And then there was that cat yard game. Hmmm, also courtesy of Lizard Breath. We were ALL playing that and even TEXTING each other about it. I haven’t done anything with my cat yard in forever so I guess my cats have all moved on.

I am pretty much done with phone games for the time being and on to READING actual books (on my phone) and even watching mooooovies (also on my phone). I still avidly do the xword but I have done xword puzzles on and off throughout my entire life, starting with buying random puzzle books at the Red Owl grokkery store when I was a kid. I cannot get enough xwords and I even kind of hoard them so if I am (for example) in the passenger seat on an LSD trip to Crazy Old Fla, I have something I can de-stress with. I can’t usually get lost in a book while *anyone* else is driving.

All that said, I am not sure phone games are totally mindless or categorically bad for people as long as playing a phone game isn’t the only thing they do in life. Phone games do require various fine motor skills and I personally believe they exercise your brain. I’m sure there are PhD folks out there studying this stuff.

One Response to “Shut the Front Door!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    People have wanted to play phone games with me, but I don’t like getting competitive. I prefer reading or playing solitaire which are low stress activities for me.