You’re welcome

No I did not manage to post a blahg entry yesterday. I am not sure I have anything much to say today either. I am here. It was a Saturday. I spent a lot of time mending my fave skirt and doing small cleaning chores. I did take the Ninja out to the post office to drop off a letter and then drove by Swan Corners. Lotsa geese but no swans that I could see. They have been there.

I did see pairs of geese over at Cubelandia this week. I think they were scoping out nesting territory. And so another cycle of geese begins. I have been working down there for so many years now and I have been watching their life cycle for all that time. I have driven into the parking lot just as a flock of geese takes off to migrate south. And yet some of the geese hang around all year.

It is wet outside but I’m not sure if it is rain or ice. The predictions were for rain this afternoon/evening but it is 32 degrees and my weather apps are showing freezing rain. I do not have to go outside so I won’t.

One Response to “You’re welcome”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My problem in blogging is that I wait too long and then I have TOO much to say. Then I blather on, or am terribly disorganized with my post.