Do you need tape? I have tape

I cannot figure why I have this much tape.

I almost never use tape in this day and age. I used to use it all the time when I was managing the young actors guild. I spent a lot of time at office supply stores back in those days. Not so much now.

I’ve got all this tape. I think the Scrap Box will take it. I am not gonna use it. I am not following Kon Mari here. This is just a mini-bit of the flinging I’ve been doing on and off for years. Fly Lady is more my mentor than Kon Mari. But whatever flotes yer bote 🐸

I woke up to an unexpected layer of snow and was glad I didn’t have to drive the Ninja anywhere this morning. The roads were reportedly horrible with critical stretches of the freeway totally iced over. Snow squalls happened throughout the morning but by mid-afternoon, the snow and ice had melted. I will be oot and aboot tomorrow morning.

I hung out at the Landfill all day, doing various laundry and cleaning chores. It was fun vicariously watching a trip to the Scaup cabin via text messages and beginning about mid-afternoon, I made my way through a good chunk of The Martian. I began that book with quite a bit of trepidation but I am having a great time with it!

One Response to “Do you need tape? I have tape”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying The Martian. I loved it, and didn’t expect to! I buy tape for Xmas, then forget where I put it, and buy more. In fact, that happened this past year. Then I found my original tape, so now I have too much–but not as much as in that photo. 🙂