Note to self…

…Read the LABEL the next time you buy garbage bags, especially if you are buying them for the chitchen. Last time I bought “tall kitchen garbage bags”, I either totally spaced out the presence of the word “Febreze” on the box or had my eye on some regular unscented garbage bags and grabbed the wrong box. It turns out I HATE the smell of Febreze! Now I am working my way through 40(!) Febreze scented bags. The smell doesn’t really bother me much until I get enough garbage in the bag that something starts to stink. To my nose, the interaction of Febreze with, say, chicken bones, makes it WORSE. Wanna mask a bad smell? Douse it with a chemical scent! (Not!)

Hmm… I finally figured out that Febreze garbage bags are probably what the GG has been smelling the last few weeks… He keeps asking “do you smell something?” He asks me because I [normally] have a Super Nose.

We’ll interrupt this terribly important blahg entry for a Twitter play.

Setting: The Landfill Chitchen (the OLD FUGLY one):
College Age Beach Urchin: Moom, what is that smell in the refrigerator?
KW [without looking in the refrigerator]: Old dead broccoli.

Febreze is not a smell I have encountered before.

The Commander used to tell a story about how they took me to a pig farm when I was a young toddler and apparently I did something very funny with my nose (I can’t remember how she described it). Well, wouldn’t you react negatively to pig farm odors if you hadn’t been to a pig farm before. Why were we at a pig farm? I do not know! I think “we” knew the farmer somehow but I don’t EVER remember my family EVER going to a pig farm again.

For the record, I usually freeze chicken bones and other food-based garbage items until trash/recycle/compost pickup day. Which requires a ziplock bag… I am trying to reduce my use of throwaway plastic bags of all sorts… But that might be an entry for another day except to say I *am* using far fewer ziplocks than I was even last summer.

And no (since I have once again been asked the question), I will not vote for Trump EVER, even if his opponent is labeled as a “Communist”. MAGA MAGA MAGA Dump Dump Trump! (To be clear, by not re-electing him, not by impeachment.) Why do I feel a need to hold my nose right now? 🐽🐽🐽

3 Responses to “Note to self…”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I DID THE EXACT SAME THING!!! They were cloying and nauseating! Just say no to Febreze! (And I’m not typically scent sensitive).

    And yes, dump trump. In any manner possible. And I mean ANY MANNER. Period.

  2. isa Says:

    Ick I hate those too. Dump Dump Dump.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I will NEVER vote for Trump. I would vote for my cat over him. I think I buy the Febreze bags, lemon scent. Citrus doesn’t bother me too much, but if it were a floral scent, I would gag.