Fugly enough to be beautiful

That describes the weather today. Rain/snow/whatever. Other people in the lower Great Lakes area are posting pics of actual snow. Ninja had a wee bit of wet snow on her veeeendsheeeelds but that was about it. We always get a few days like this in April. I am totally wallowing in the fugliness! I jumped around in the early AM and got my walking and gas/grokkery-getting out of the way early so I could get settled in with my book and all the xwords I’ve been hoarding all week before Sunday Morning Jazz started.

I got to see one of my beach urchins over @Plum and, I impulsively handed her some cash to “go do something fun”. The beach urchins do not need money from me. Yesterday, the other beach urchin paid for my haircut and subsequent lunch. That was a xmas gift that I didn’t cash in on earlier because it had to happen on a Saturday and I didn’t want to have to cancel a scheduled haircut if a blizzard or ice storm happened that prevented me from getting there.

Handing out random bits of cash is a tradition I guess I am carrying on from The Commander, who would occasionally spring a $50 bill on me during her later years. Once I was standing at the counter in Barry Bagels and somehow DROPPED one of her $50s on the floor. A fellow patron alerted me to that fact and, as I picked it up, I laughed, explaining, “$50 dollar bills come from my mother.” He said he wished she would give *him* a $50 bill too, which was particularly funny because I think he was a lot closer in age to my mother than to me.

Oh yeah, I had a coupon misadventure. I am not a coupon user (except for the electronic ones that come with the @Plum app) but somehow some Meijer coupons came in the mail for products that I actually buy, I mean like *all the time*. Dish detergent, terlet paper, laundry detergent pods, and whatnot, all of them *brands* I actually buy. Okay, so I will use the coupons.

Problem. Do I know how to use coupons at the UScan? No I do not. My method involved swiping the item, then immediately swiping the coupon. Then after I “swope” the next item, the musheen would get confused and tell me there was an item on the scale that didn’t belong there and was I using my own bag. I was in fact using my own bag but said bag was in my trolley, not on the scale. That meant that the cashier had to come over and jumpstart the musheen to get it going again.

The second time this happened, a light bulb came on in my head and I asked her if my coupons were contributing to this problem. Yes, yes they were and she instructed me to save my coupons until the end. I made sure to *thank* her for being so friendly and patient with me, obviously a complete Coupon Klutz! The uscans were SLAMMED this morning and she was running all over the place fixing all kinds of problems for people. Grocery store cashiers deserve to be paid a LOT more money!

Thanks to “Morgrat” (Margaret), I am reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and LOVING IT! In fact, I am not far from finishing it but I had to put it down in order to get dinner ready… Even though… I am eating solo tonight… So dinner amounts to heating up leftovers…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too avoid coupons because I’m not sure how to use them, but then I also avoid the self check because I always foul up the machine somehow. (and get lectured by it!) I’m delighted that you’re enjoying Eleanor; I LOVED that book intensely, and still can’t get it out of my mind. Such a thought provoking and tender story.