carlsnowmanseattle.jpgI know y’all do *not* want to hear about my long boring weekend of doing homework, which has just about sucked all life out of me. Or the he said/she said tension of the day. I hope Jay and Carl do not mind me blahgging them. I got this Silly Seattle Snowman pic from Jay, who writes, “Seattle schools have missed so many days this year (wind, snow, ice) that they are asking parents to give their opinions of how to make up the 5-7 days. Should be interesting. Right now, if they just tack them onto the end of the year they will go until June 27th. And since winter is not over yet – and it has been the strangest anyone can remember – maybe we could go for July 4th.”

I don’t know what the Seattle school schedule is like. If I were still a parent in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and that institution of infinite wisdom asked me for my opinion about a similar situation — and they might ask but I doubt they’d do anything with the answer — I know what I would say! Get rid of that stupid extra week-long break you have in the second semester. Mid-winter break or spring break. I do not care which. Back in 1989 when we walked our 4-year-old to kindergarten, there was only one spring break. It did not have anything to do with Easter or any other holiday. It was scheduled approximately half way through the semester, at a time when the kids and the teachers were probably ready for a break. Already.

Somewhere along the line, the break got tied to Easter and Passover, which usually happens around Easter. (I think that’s right but I’ll have to ask one of my experts. Again. Alzheimers, anyone?) But that wasn’t good enough. Our break wasn’t the same week as the UM break and people with more money than I have wanted to take their little darlings to Disney World and/or Europe and/or skiing and/or whatever. So, all of a sudden, we had *two* breaks. One at the end of February and one whenever Easter/Passover happened. There were years when only *three weeks* of school happened *between* those two breaks. Sanity please?

I was gonna go on and on kvetching about how little happens at the Planet Ann Arbor Public Schools during the second semester but I think I’ve written about that before and I doubt y’all much care. This is a great picture of Carl and his Silly Seattle Snowman. I bet he built it for his daycare kids! Love all you Seattle area folk!

One Response to “Snowdaze”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Geez. You succeeded in making my weekend blog sound boring!!

    Love to the Seattle & St. Louis folks – all of whom seem to be dealing with crappy/unseasonal weather!!

    And to the KKY crew from MSU (including Valdemort) who wound up driving back to EL from Cinti in crappy weather this afternoon!!