Subtitle? Are we spending enough money?

We ordered this over the weekend, at least a version of it. Ours is something like four feet shorter. I fergit how much it costs. The Pensioner tried to save $700 by not getting that upper row of windows. Ohhhhh, noooo you don’t! The more windows, the better.

If I could have my ‘druthers, I would want a fancier, sorta greenhouse-y shed but I’m okay with this one. At least I can stand up inside it without hitting my head on the “boom” or whatever that metal bar thingy is in the middle of our existing (half-destroyed) shed. And I think it might be big enough that we could maybe sit out there on a warm rainy day. And it has windows! With screens!

So, after giving that prodject the go-ahead over the weekend, I got up this morning and threw a load of laundry in. Everything was all right. I came back from my walk and put the laundry in the dryer. When I turned it on, it made the screeeeeeeeeeching noise it’s been making the last couple weeks. Wait, what? You are wondering why I have been ignoring this noise. I did notice the screechy noice but either forgot to report it to Mr. Fixit or did and he processed it as Random CIS XX Chromosome White Noise, meaning it went straight over his head with a great big whooshing noise. But couldn’t *he* hear the screeeeeeeching noise, you ask? Friends, it is my acute musician’s hearing that catches most funky noises made by mechanical beasties.

Anyway, 20 minutes into the dryer cycle, I was in the No Longer Blue But Still Only Bathroom aaaaaannnnnd….. The screechy noise stopped. And so did the dryer.

Although Mr. Fixit did in fact get the dryer going again, a new one is on the way. We bought this one in 1998 so it is time. I had to laugh when he texted to ask if I wanted him to pick one out. Yes, PLEASE! A couple of warshing musheens ago, I spent an interminable length of time in Big George’s appliances while the GG made the sales guy take apart every warshing musheen in sight so he could make sure that it didn’t have the same “controller” (whatever that is) as the existing one because he did NOT want to mess with that problematical part ever again. Why was I there? I do not know. I wish I could have that hour of my life back.

So yeah, go pick out a dryer. It is a *dryer*. I tend to use dryers on one setting. If I have items I don’t want dried on that setting, I hang them up to drip dry.

But. Ooooooooh! Some of my Random CIS XX Chromosome White Noise must’ve gotten through to Mr. Fixit’s brain because THIS dryer “has WIFI”! I THINK that means it can connect to Wifi and can therefore text me when it’s done!

One Response to “Screeeeeeeeeeeeeech!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Like you I tend to just use one setting on the dryer, so the simpler(and cheaper) the better. None of them last for long anyway, not like our old appliances used to.