This is a crappy photo of one of my fave roads (except for The Cabin Road). This is Jerusalem Road. It is “out in the county” and is a two-lane gravel/dirt road.

I drove part of it (and several other out-county roads) on Sunday morning on a slow Frog Hopper trip to Swan Corners and back. Along most of this road, big deciduous trees overhang from both sides. I love the bare “bones” of the tree on the right. It is good to drive s-l-o-w-l-y along Jerusalem Road, especially at this time of year because there are many many many potholes (if that’s even what you call them) and if you get going too fast, you will be bouncing up and down wondering if your taaaars are okay. I move over and let the yay-hooos in the big twuks roar past me. I didn’t encounter any of those Twuk People Sunday morning. I had Jerusalem Road to myself. Maybe they were still all slug-a-bed-hungover.

So tonight I felt obligated to ‘fess up to the GG that he should not use the 20 stamps I recently ordered. Why? Well. Because I bought the stamps based on the picture and FAILED to notice that they were POSTCARD STAMPS! When is the last time either of us sent a postcard to someone? I cannot remember.

Why was I nervous about ‘fessing up to him about this? Because “wasting” money aka penny pinching is *sometimes* on his radar screen. Unless he wants to buy something for himself🐽 (or me). We’ll talk about The Commander buying me the first Apple laptop I ever owned (2003) some other day. Thank you Moom.

And then the conversation started to devolve. GG: Well, how many of the postcard stamps would I have to use to mail a regular letter? KW: Two, but you would lose some money because regular stamps are 55 cents and postcard stamps are 35 cents, so if you use two of them on a letter, you are losing 15 cents. Okay, then I started to get really creative and suggested we buy 20 postcards when we are at the Moomincabin for Memorial Day (which is coming up waaaaay too fast in my opinion) and mail them out. Which immediately cracked me/us up because “send them to who?” and I wonder how much postcards cost nowadays. In other words, buying postcards would NOT save us money, roight?

All that said, let’s turn this around and pay it forward! If you would like to receive a yooperland postcard (Soo Locks or Tahquamenon Falls or whatever, you don’t get to choose) with a short hand-written message from me, lemme know! I’ll do my best to remember to send you one 🐸 My limit is 20 postcards because that’s how many postcard stamps I have. After that you are outta luck!!! 🐲 But I doubt I have 20 followers sooo… 🐸)

Love y’all, even those who won’t get postcards. -KW.

5 Responses to “Jerusalem”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes! I would love a postcard. I still send them from various places I travel to. I was disappointed that Montreal didn’t have any good ones. My photos were better than the ones on the postcards. They must not be a popular form of communication these days!

  2. Jay Says:

    Carl sends postcards all the time, and asks others to do the same in return. I think he is single handedly keeping the post office in business.

  3. jane Says:

    ditto – Carl writes great postcards and I need to send him some (I did purchase 2 for that express purpose on my recent trip). now I need to write and send them.

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I DID THE EXACT SAME THING!! I bought some truly LOVELY stamps, and I believe even used one to send something 1st class before realizing they were postcard stamps (and so postage was likely due on the other end). We don’t use stamps hardly ever anymore (we handle just about everything online), so I was pretty irritated with myself. But I have about 19 really pretty stamps. (Sure, send me a postcard! I may do the same if I can find one).

  5. Pooh Says:

    Sure, sign me up for a postcard. You could send any leftover stamps to Carl. (in an envelope, natch)