Moom Moments (and crappy bird photos)

Ever have a Moom Moment? It’s when your teenager (or whatever) is out late and all of a sudden you WAKE UP and FREAK OUT! Where is my kid? You imagine all kinds of scenarios. Car crash. Dumpster. Whatever. I wrote about this the other day but I *always* breathed a sigh of relief when I heard our old Jeep Wrangler “The Indefatigable” turn off the main road onto our street.

Today, a beach urchin (or maybe two), had a Moom Moment. My Mouse is camping over in the western parts of the lower peninsula and she was texting pictures and other information all day. I enjoyed the pics but failed to reply. So. I was in the usual crazy-*ss “road diet” traffic jam a couple blocks from home when my phone started vibrating like crazy. A phone call, not a text. There was no way I could look at my phone then because traffic was nutso and I really needed eyes on three or four sides of my head to deal with it.

I pulled into the driveway and pulled out my phone. Turns out that people were worried about my whereabouts. Yes, I am fine! I was in meetings on and off all day and I loved the pics but kept getting interrupted before I could manage to send a 🧡 or whatever.

I wrote earlier that I worried when my teenagers were not home on time. The truth is that I worried about them when they were 20-somethings and now (gulp) 30-somethings. My parents didn’t stop worrying about me until, well, I have to think about when so we’ll go there some other day. I do know that when I was 40-something, I attended a beach faaaaar up at the moomincabin (after putting the beach urchins to bed) and the parents were very relieved when I came home. Uh, you guys, I was down on the BEACH (which I can WALK to), with people I’ve known my entire life. Who knows, a bare bear might’ve come along (not). This is all okay though. We all need to take care of each other and noticing when someone is not available when they usually are is a good thing.

The pic is Mooma Robin (or maybe Dooda Robin) feeding her (his) babies. I know it’s hard to see what’s going on in the pic. It’s from a webcam. We don’t want our human bodies to get close enough to invade the bird family’s space.

One Response to “Moom Moments (and crappy bird photos)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    People we care about we also worry about. No matter their ages. 🙂