It’ll be fine! Airbag recall on the Frog Hopper. On a day the GG wanted to hike. It’ll be fine. I’ll telecommute. I’ll walk over to the Aldi’s bus stop and take the 31 over to the Jackson/Wagner stop and walk from there. It’ll be fine. It really isn’t too far to just *walk* but most of it is not user-friendly walking, no sidewalks, etc. Plus I was, uh, WORKING today.

So, that’s what I did. The bus was a minute or so late but that was fine and I can watch where the bus is via an app. So, I got on and, as always, I was nervous about managing to get OFF the bus at an unfamiliar stop. My stop today was at the turnaround point so if I missed it, I would have to ride the bus all the way downtown and back… I was stressing about this when… DING DING DING STOP REQUESTED! While I was stressing about when to pull the cord, the only other passenger had pulled the cord for the stop I wanted to get off on.

From there, there was a sidewalk to the car dealer. It was kind of like walking in a wind tunnel today but okay.

I got into the Frog Hopper. I noticed the temperature light. That was okay. It was blue, meaning the vee-hickle wasn’t warmed up yet (it wasn’t all that warm this morning, welcome to the Great Lake State). I was almost home when I noticed the AIRBAG light was on. Wait, what? It was not on when we dropped the FH off yesterday afternoon. And we took it in to get an AIRBAG fixed/replaced/whatever?

I tried to call the dealership. I got lost in their phone system. They wanted me to accept a callback but their system quoted a bizarre phone number to me. Was this my number? Or even the GG’s? Noooooooo. I called again. This time I got to a service person PDQ. I ‘splained the problem. He wasn’t sure how simple the fix would be and asked if I would hold BRIEFLY while he checked on that. Okay. 30 seconds later, he did not return. Instead, a ringy-dingy started up and I landed at some other person’s voicemail. “Leave a brief message and I’ll get back to you.” Uh, I couldn’t figger how to even start a “brief” message to this unknown person although I did leave my number.

I never heard back from the mystery person or even the person who put me on a “brief” hold. I was about done by then. Fortunately, the GG had cell service on his hike today and HE called the dern dealer. When he got home, he schlepped the Frog Hopper over there and they found that “something” hadn’t been “plugged in” correctly. JEEEEEEEBUS!

So all is well in the end but I will be schlepping my work laptop up to the yooperland this weekend just in case we have some kind of a problem with the Frog Hopper and have to wait for parts. The GG seems to think I ALWAYS schlep my work laptop everywhere. He is obviously not remembering the time we were at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota Fla and I had to call home and talk my Mouse through how to navigate that beast in order to publish some documents I had forgotten to publish before I left. Mouse RANDOMLY happened to be doing some laundry at The Landfill that day. My Mouse is as smart as all getout and I am so grateful that she helped me that day.

Looking back on that period of time, we were struggling to get a bunch of things done at my work so it was hard to leave there but it also ended up being the last time we saw our beautiful sister Susie. We didn’t know how close she was to the end of her life then and we still miss her so much.

The bird? That’s a Little Brown Bird. The GG would probably call it something like a house sparrow. The LBBs hang out in front of the Landfill and I watch them when I am telecommuting. They use a birdhouse above the window.

One Response to “Frustrational”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I very much dislike situations like the one you describe. In fact, I tend to go ballistic in a cold, cutting way if faced with such gross incompetence, on several levels! It always seemed like my remote access (VPN?) never worked when I needed it to. Of course, things have come a long way since I tried to use it. 🙂