The cocktail light is lit.

We are greatly missing the UU and TBG today. They took off with Daisy and their trailer this morning. npJane headed southward too.

So today was a day of rain. I made a trip into Meijer early this morning and I kind went nuts thinking we don’t have any lunchy stuff at the moomincabin so maybe we should eat at Penny’s Kitchen, knowing that would require a SECOND trip into town. I am savvy enough to know that some small Siberian businesses close on Memorial Day so I took a ride downtown to check up on Penny’s. Yes it was closed. So I drove over to Portage Ave. to see if the Palace Saloon might be open. It wasn’t open yet but there was no indication that it might be closed for Memorial Day.

Back out at the moomincabin, I checked facebook just after 11 and The Palace Saloon posted “we are open!”. Yes!!!! So that is where we went for lunch. It is a loverly place to eat lunch on a dark fugly rainy day. We ate ala carte enchiladas and then we traipsed over to Das Gift Haus to buy… Postcards! Then home for a sleepy afternoon.

Eventually we lit the cocktail lights (Liz did this) and became porterized for a while. A nice end to a wonderful weekend.

One Response to “The cocktail light is lit.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never think of businesses being closed on Memorial Day, but smaller ones probably are because many people are out of town anyway. What a lovely weekend!