Just another Monday

I almost forgot to meet up with MMCB today even though she texted me a reminder yesterday. I was soooooo sure it was Monday when I woke up this morning. We used to have coffee on Monday but it is *usually* on Wednesday nowadays.

I got there first and when we were getting up to leave, she said something like, “You can sure tell your car lives outside.” It does but I couldn’t process what the heck she was talking about until I remembered that we had some sort of huge tree drop of long stringy seed thingies or whatever and they were all over the Ninja this morning. And they were WET because we had thunderstorms sometime in the night. I turned on zeeee veeeeendsheeeeeld vipers to try to clear zem off zeeee veeeeeensheeeeeld and about all that zee vipers did was push them off to the sides. I thought maybe the wind would clear them off over at Cubelandia but nope. I am currently driving a swamp monster.

Anyway, yes the Ninja Swamp Monster lives outside. I know I have written recently about why we lack a proper garatchkey so I won’t bore y’all with it again.

It took me a while to get out of Long Weekend Fog over at Cubelandia but eventually I did and by mid-afternoon I was off on an archaeological dig of epic proportions. Fortunately I like when I have to dredge through old specifications, etc. For many years, I was part of a team of three who wrote these things. Nowadays that team is reduced to… me… I can usually remember *exactly* how something I specified works but not necessarily what someone else wrote. So, “Can you find the rules for this?” was the question. I was close by the end of the day, after a lot of digging.

The photo? Taken at 8:59 PM on Saturday at the moomincabin. We have a few weeks until the summer solstice. I’m not sure what time sunset happens on the solstice but if it’s clear around that time up at the moomincabin, you can still see light on the horizon at 11PM or so. One of the reasons I like daylight savings time.

One Response to “Just another Monday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    When my car stays at John’s 😉 there is always a bunch of stuff all over it from the trees at his house. My Subie is used to being garaged, although it is NOT clean or pristine.