MMCB was just arriving for coffee at Barry’s this morning (she was at the counter making the musheen freeze up) when I checked my phone and there was a facebook direct message from my cousin up on the moominbeach. He had sent me a video… …of a BEAR *galloping* down the beach in front of the cabins. I grabbed this screenshot of the bear in full-tilt boogie marathon mode. (My 1st cousin once-removed sent me the video. His niece, my 1st cousin twice removed, took the video. 1st cousin twice removed means my cousin’s grandchild, and she is, uh, in college. If nothing else, that means we are lurching along into old and baggy.)

I couldn’t resist showing the video to MMCB. She *hates* aminals as a rule. She likes “cute” aminals (deer and their babies, etc.) as long as they aren’t too up close and personal. She went on an African safari-type trip and enjoyed watching exotic aminals from a safe distance. She refused to accompany her husband to India because “elephants P in the street” (and probably humans too). No thank you. I’m not going. She does NOT like dogs and cats, not one little bit. Of course, her friends’ dogs and cats sense this and go straight to her as dogs and cats do. I love MMCB. I love aminals. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND how she feels about uncontrolled pets.

I totally enjoyed showing her the bear video. Once I showed her a series of pics from a hike me and UKW and Radical Betty took on and around our family property. Lots of woods, etc., etc., etc. MMCB peered at the pics and asked, “Are there animals?” I (rather incredulously) replied, “Yes, all the way up to bear!” So here is a bear running along the beach. I have never seen a bear at the moomincabin although I know they are there. They get into unsecured garbage and bird feeders, etc. But running down the beach? Do I have to re-think my early morning beach-walking habit?

I had my own little aminal encounter this morning. When I woke up and checked the weather, my iPhone proclaimed a big bunch of ugly-looking crapola approaching. And a lightning alert. Walk? Nope. I think I’ll watch the storm roll through from the safety of the Green Couch. I opened the interior door and spied movement right outside. It was this raccoon family. I *think* there were three. It was pretty dark because of the impending storm.

Aside from those aminals, Henrietta Rabbit has been hopping around and a chippy or two and members of various bird families. Aaaaand… A buzzing, stinging insect of some sort has found its way into The Castle and is stuck up on the clerestory* windows above the double door and cannot figure out that he has to go DOWN to get OUT. I feel bad for not helping him but am not sure he would interpret any actions on my part as help. I am not allergic to bee stings but better to leave him alone.

*I learned this word from Agate Gal, who has beautiful (high) clerestory windows in her house and sometimes hummingbirds get trapped up by hers. The Castle’s clerestory windows are nothing compared to Agate Gal’s🐸

One Response to “Animalia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Well, now I can’t come visit your beach place. 😉 Terrified of bears, although I know we have many of them here in Washington. I would prefer not to think about it. Tonya’s house is incredible. Everything about it is gorgeous.