Powderpost beetles

No, we don’t have powderpost beetles here. I had never heard of them until my childhood beach friend Dan occupied the Old Cabin a few years ago and discovered them over there. That discovery initiated a whole bunch of gyrations to get the powderpost beetles out of the Old Cabin. What the heck was that guy’s name? The exterminator, I mean. I should remember it.

So the book I read over the weekend was Red Clocks. I actually finished it within 24 hours. A fast read. It is about a dystopian version of the United States where abortion becomes illegal overnight (in almost all circumstances, kind of like Alabama, but this book was written before that). Abortion is still legal in Canada but Canada sends teenage girls seeking abortions back to be jailed in our *loverly* country. Yes, women are jailed. I am pro-choice *and* pro-life and we need to sort all of this stuff out so that, among other situations, teenage girls don’t have to bear multiple children via the step-uncles who have raped them and then get forced to marry said step-uncle. But I won’t go there tonight.

At any rate, one of the book’s characters is a “witch” who helps people out with various medical problems via herbal remedies. She was held in jail for a number of months and one of the things she was worried about was the powderpost beetles that had begun to infest her rustic cabin. Gaaah. I know about those.

This is a pretty little lake near Houghton Lake. This lake is accessible via back roads and the Ninja does not really like back roads but it was dry enough near HL over the weekend that she could handle it. I don’t know the name of the lake. Sometimes GooMaps tells us the lake names. This time, not.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of powderpost beetles but I will look them up and probably be horrified. It seems like we’re living in a dystopian universe these days. Hard to wrap my brain around.