Back from the dark side of the moon

So I have been putting off a mandatory upgrade to Windows 10 on my work laptop for a couple weeks now. Why? Because the updater thingy that kept popping up warned that it would take a few hours and my laptop would restart multiple times. At least it warned me. Apple, for all the kudos it receives for user-friendly design can be absolutely AWFUL when it comes to OS/IOS updates. Where the heck is the progress bar?

Today had to be the day. But wait! When I got to Cubelandia today, the first thing that happened after I logged on to my laptop is that I couldn’t access a lot of the “stuff” I use to do my job. Like an idiot, I decided to restart my laptop. I. WAS. LOCKED. OUT. If I had used my BRAIN and gone to the corporate intranet, it’d prob’ly’ve told me that and allowed me to unlock myself. Instead, I had to bother FZ so I could get on to HIS laptop and unlock myself. So annoying.

So I was a wee bit “shaky” by then and I was talking about having to do this Windows upgrade and people who had been through it were saying all of their files were destroyed and some of them even had to send their laptops to the Mother Ship to get fixed up. And then, “make sure you back everything up to One Drive!” What in the heck is “one drive” and where the heck *is* “One Drive”?

Figgered out the One Drive thing and got things backed up and then… Came home and spent the afternoon multitasking. Babysitting the Windows 10 upgrade while watching episodes of the Handmaid’s Tale season 2 (on my phone) with occasional little sprints into the chitchen to put enchiladas together.

My upgrade took over three hours and ended at 4:13 PM. NERVOUSLY, I logged on to my laptop. Success. NERVOUSLY, I checked out my file structure. Everything was there. WHEW!

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  1. l4827 Says:

    We also have had some of our techno issues resolved today. After a week of cell phone output, , had our internet restored (after a week of outage) this afternoon. Literally a squirrel chewed through enough of a fiber-wire cable to disconnect our Internet/Land line-service. Maybe tomorrow night a TGIF will provide a break from all this…