Razzy jain

That is, beautiful jazz and rain on a Sunday morning of spacification at The Landfill and warm enough to have the doors and windows open. And then a lot of Kexting between me and one of the beach urchins. Not the annoying kind of Kexting, i.e., why won’t moom leave me alone. She was helping me out with ideas for food and providing tips for how to cook it. I think she was in a #SundayPrepDay mode. I was in a #whaddoIWannaEat mode.

Then there were some blasts from the past, including the one in the pic, which is from Lizard Breath’s driver’s license road trip with her dad. He took the beach urchins on “10-year-old” trips and driver’s license trips. Liz’s 10-year-old trip also included the GG’s identical twin (the UU) and *his* daughter The Beautiful Renee (who is four years older than Liz). They went to the badlands. The girls became acquainted with the Twinz style of hiking and staged a protest – NO MORE DEATH MARCHES! And they experienced a tornado in a campground in the western UP that dropped a tree on their tent in the middle of the night. They were saved from being crushed by a smaller tree that broke the big tree’s fall. “I miss my mommy too but she’s moiles away”, said a woman in the shelter that night. Yes. Her moom was in Australia, hence the accent.

Liz’s driver’s license trip was to Colorado to visit her uber-cuzzint Julia and partner. Julia is almost exactly 10 years older than Liz and visited our house frequently when Liz was a baby. The GG is out in CO now, which prompted Liz to Instagram this pic, which I asked for and have permission to post.

I had forgotten that braided hairstyle. This kid had hair down to her butt as a teenager. As a child/teenager, I always wanted hair that long but mine never quite got there, stopping halfway down my back in a mess of split ends. But. The GG DID have hair down to his butt as a teenager so I guess she comes by it honestly.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are cool reasons for trips. I shuddered at Death Marches though. I like to hike, but I’m talking more about a walk in the woods and not huge elevation jumps and lots of scary switchbacks. *looking at YOU, Mount Rainier!