My two (count ’em 🙃) commenters yesterday pointed out that Discount Tire in fact has a good reputation. They have had good experiences there and in fact, so have we. I changed my reference to “a tire store” and am here to woman ‘splain a followup to my story. Nikio went online to check for issues with Ford lug nuts on her particular vee-hickle and, yes, there was a bad design. I don’t think they were likely to cause a catastrophic vee-hickle failure but it was probably good for her to replace them. And it was something like $45, so it didn’t break her bank.

I do still struggle with having to deal with dealers and repair shops, etc. Those folks talk a mile a minute using a vocabulary that I am only vaguely familiar with and sometimes with our often ancient vee-hickles, there are issues that the GG KNOWS ABOUT but doesn’t want to fix for whatever reason. I am okay with that as long as it isn’t a SAFETY ISSUE or interferes with my driving experience. But when a repair person is talking at me, I cannot always sort it all out.

Too often when I’m dealing with car folks, I feel like my then octogenarian mother felt the time she was having an “issue” with Waste Management (moomincabin garbage pickup at the time). We walked into her house and there was a phone message from Waste Management. The woman who left the message was MUCH younger than The Commander and she talked a mile a minute. *I* understood the message but The Commander couldn’t process it and thought it was from the BANK (which she didn’t have an issue with*) and was all set to go downtown and do battle with the bank! I played the message for her again and managed to talk her down off that ledge. Moom, the bank will NOT have a clue what you’re talking about!

So, I can handle car repairs but it is much more efficient if the GG does it. He has a long history of dealing with automobiles, assembling them in the Hamtramck assembly plant, troubleshooting issues with his/our vee-hickles, which we tend to keep FOREVER, plus a long career at the EPA emissions testing facility. Therefore he knows when somebody is giving him crap and *politely* doesn’t take it.

Along the way there have been some good old boys that I *have* been able to deal with. There was Ivory over at Ann Arbor Muffler and the guy at A&B Radiator. They were both sweet and polite and never talked at me or down to me and I’m guessing they are both retaaaaared by now. I do hope they are still with us!

*In my opinion, The Commander’s main issue with the bank at that time was that her husband was no longer the president of the bank, which was NOT the bank’s fault. In my observations, the bank folks still treated her like the Queen of England and her then next-door neighbor was the manager. But I guess it’s okay to be a bit cranky if you manage to live as long as The Comm did.

2 Responses to “Disclaimer…”

  1. jane Says:

    my disclaimers as well — while I’ve had good luck with Discount Tire (yay), there are certainly more than enough mansplainers to go around in all areas, and history shows that men talking to women in car related situations, certainly has its’ fair share of mansplainers. (which reminds me that I saw a woman working at Discount Tire the last time I was there. you go girl!)

    also, do I have to be as old as the Comm to be cranky? cuz… I can be cranky at my current age. 😉

    and finally, YES! to Ann Arbor Muffler. I went without an appt, they put the car up on the rack, told me what was wrong, and how long to fix it (I wasn’t first in line) and I promptly walked over to the Roadhouse for a drink and watched football until my car was ready. perfect! and I also need to mention Jim (?) at the gas station where Huron splits into Desxter/Jackson. SO nice.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve had great luck at my Chevy dealership, and now the Subaru one. It seems like the man splainers have taken some kind of classes about how to deal respectfully with the multitude of women who have lots of purchasing power and are NOT afraid to challenge them. It was certainly not that way 20 years ago, that’s for sure. I do have to clarify that I had a good experience the one time I bought from Discount Tire. But I now deal exclusively with Les Schwab because I’ve always gotten great service from them, and they’re close to my house.