I don’t shovel [snow [or water]] in April

snowplantsThe question appeared on my own beloved little Twitterverse this morning. Should the denizens of the Planet Ann Arbor shovel their walks today or not? I had already made my own decision not to shovel. I think I swept about six inches of heavy wet snow off of the Dogha this morning. So, yes, we had some significant snow. But it’s April and even though it’s Michigan — hence snow — my rule of thumb is to quit shoveling after April 1st. It’s a rather risky rule of thumb. There are rules about shoveling snow around this place and they are randomly enforced, usually when some neighborhood crank complains. I decided to take the risk. I didn’t feel like shoveling water.

I do have to laugh at all of those who are surprised by snow in April, not that I encountered anyone in particular today who was. This *is* Michigan, yada yada yada. Mouse’s birthday is in late April and I know that I have at least two photos hanging around of her standing in a snowstorm on her birthday. And we are in the *southern* part of the state. Growing up in Yooperland, snow was a regular feature of April and our salt-encrusted winter boots were more often than not part of our Easter outfits. Up there, you couldn’t make a rule of thumb about whether or not you would shovel in April. I don’t remember that there *were* any rules about the sidewalks. Actually, when I was a kid, there was a little sidewalk plow that would come around and do the sidewalks. But you might have to shovel your driveway at least, or you might not be able to get your vee-hickle out.

Anyway. It’s April and this is Michigan. And it snowed six inches or more last night but it is already melting and by the weekend, I bet it’ll be gone. And I *had* some crocuses in my back yard although Sam (archaeologist, not dog) was right that a photo I posted a few weeks ago was daffodils, not crocuses. But she grew up with The Botanist and I grew up with engineers and I have a black thumb. I *think* this is a daffodil. There *were* some crocuses out there the other day, in bloom, no less. I couldn’t find them today. I guess they are under the snow somewhere and I kept myself from kicking around with my big black [salt-encrusted winter] boot. Sorry, I was *not* wearing an Easter bonnet today.

Happy spring! -KW

4 Responses to “I don’t shovel [snow [or water]] in April”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Go Green! Go White!!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    hahaha! didn’t even realize that I’d posted the colors of the evening! Go MooYoo!!! And Spartan Brass too!!!

  3. Margaret Says:

    We’ve had snow here in April before–but it’s very rare. I’ve never shoveled snow in my entire life. I came close this year though, but we don’t have a snow shovel.

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    I guess I’m just READY for warmer weather, so I can do stuff with my “laid-off time off”, like CLEAN OUT THE GARAGE, CLEAN UP THE YARD, etc., which is a bit difficult to do when the garage is 35 deg and the yard is under 6 inches of wet heavy snow.

    Hard to believe that a few days before, I was contemplating getting out the lawn mower… or at least the rake!