Grand Theft

So the last time I took my shoes off I left them on the moomincabin deck like I always do. This morning I went out to get them… And. There. Was. Only. One. I immediately came up with a suspect, the cute little rapscallion in the pic, named Mocha. This is the best pic I could get.

The reason I guessed the culprit so quickly was due to a sock stealing incident earlier in the summer. In that incident, the loot made it all the way back to the culprit’s lair. My shoe was located nearby. I suspect it was not as easy for such a small culprit to carry as the sock was.

And then, after an interesting morning in which I spent more than an hour on my phone in meetings… During which my phone kept doing weird things like turning off the speaker or turning off mute or switching to the phone keypad and randomly selecting numbers… Phone failure mode anyone? And NOOOOO it is not drunk. We eventually got everything sorted out and I took a beach walk.

It was a windy day and I was lucky to catch this seagull. I’m not sure whether he is healthy. He seems to be hanging around on the beach. Seagulls generally live on the island. This time of year is when seagulls that are not going to successfully migrate die. They often die on the beach and sometimes it takes them a while to do so. Way back when, when we were all young, I watched a dying seagull struggle for a week or so as I walked the beach. My brother finally came up here and I knew he had a gun. I wanted to put that seagull out of its misery so I asked my brother to walk down with me and shoot it. He agreed but by the time we got there, it was already dead.

One Response to “Grand Theft”

  1. Margaret Says:

    When we had dogs, we couldn’t leave shoes anywhere where they might get them or they would end up chewed up in the yard.