Toooooo hot on the moominbeach

So we decamped to the moomincabin deck.

I adore the “intermittent” railings the GG designed and built a number of years ago when my parents were still alive. When we first built the moomincabin back when I was six years old, we didn’t have a deck. You walked directly out the doors and down the steps. Or, if you were a six-year-old athlete, you launched yourself out the door and jumped to the ground at the end of the steps.

I don’t remember when we added the deck but it was probably only a few years later. We had no railings anywhere in those days and with the deck, you could get a running start to jump over the steps.

Many years later, my parents were starting to get a bit fragile. We began worrying about my dad falling off the deck during one of his nocturnal deckP expotitions, not to mention general falling incidents. So the GG built railings for both sets of steps and the intermittent railings along the sides of the deck, like the one in the pic. I think he did a great job. I did not allow him to put a railing on the front end of the deck. There’s a water view there and I didn’t want to disrupt it.

I bagged off work a bit early today. Teriana (my MacMu cousin and her daughter) arrived a little earlier than we expected them (which was FINE). I emailed Amazon Woman telling her what was going on and that she was welcome to text me if she needed anything from me this afternoon.

And so, I am officially on two weeks of vacay. We’re going to have a crowd this weekend and I’m sure there will be moments when I will panic about our overstuffed refrigerator and lament that I do not have Master Chef Uber KW to help me manage the menu planning but it’ll be FUN.

2 Responses to “Toooooo hot on the moominbeach”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s excellent that you have two weeks of vacay! Hope the weather calms down a bit for you. That’s a very beautiful deck!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I do so relate about the panic. For me it’s timing everything. Do this before you can do that, then be sure to do this and this first and then that and that. And in the meantime, I’m all about carrying on and conversing with everyone and so then I FORGET about all the timing of this and that and this and this. Argh! Multi-tasking is not my thing.