demolitionderbyYiiy! “The crazy, lazy old bag has gone beyond blather,” y’all are thinkin’. “Now she is speaking in tongues!”

Yes, that’s just about where I am today. I don’t make it a practice to blahg about my work, actually I love my work, but let’s just say I spent most of the day with Visio and I love Visio and I am pretty fluent with Visio but I am taaaaarrrrred. So randomness reigns…

I am intrigued with the little Puma vee-hickle that GM and Segway have cooked up. But I am not sure I could ever ride in a personal motorcar without paying attention to what’s happening on the street. I am not a good passenger! Ask any one of the [very few] people I ever ride with. Remember that “look at the big picture” stuff from driver’s ed? I’m a “big picture” kind of gal. If I have a passenger, I don’t turn my head to *look* at the passenger when we talk. In fact, if something is going on on the road, I am more likely to focus on *that* and forget the conversation. I have been known to use my phone while in the driver’s seat but it is not a regular occurrence and I don’t try to do any kind of typing unless I am sure that I’ve just stopped at the beginning of a very long traffic light cycle. Or I am at a dead stop on the I75 SUV Speedway because the blasted Zilwaukee Bridge is unexpectedly closed. Like, hey, y’all have an hour or two to sit around on a beat-up freeway? Big picture gal. That’s me. Watch everything every second. One accident. 17 years old. Glare ice. Oncoming car drove left of center. Crash! No one hurt. Ruled not my fault. Parked the battered up Fairlane at the *funeral* home of all places. And of course, my parents just happened to drive by. What can I say? It was a small town and they pretty much *had* to pass the funeral home to get home. Anyway. I’m not sure I can trust any motorized vee-hickle to manage to get out of the way if Mr. Toad is coming along in his motorcar. Poooooooop pooooooop! Look out!

I had other randomness but that paragraph took me back into the Jurassic Age and now I can’t think of what else I had to say. I know it wasn’t much!

G’night. Happy Easter and Passover and Spring Break and Skunk Cabbage. It’s all happenin’ at once this spring!

4 Responses to “Ydwywtdajmsyktoyt.”

  1. Pooh Says:


    You do what you want to do and just make sure you keep to YOUR OWN thing. Darn it, I almost had it. Gotta go

  2. jane Says:

    I’ve gotten two ‘undeliverable’ messages when trying to email you, so decided to post this as a comment. which is sort of appropriate as it ties to the photo. this is from City Council Notes…

    Maple Road (northbound lanes) from Dexter Ave. to Miller Rd. Estimated Schedule: Work must complete within 30 calendar days between August 24 and  October 10, 2009. Maple Rd. will be resurfaced, with some curb replacement, to match the southbound lanes that were completed with the water main construction in 2008. Traffic will be maintained in both directions during construction.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Thanks, Jane! I tried emailing you too with no success. This was happening a week or so ago too… Dunno…

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    so… was the pile of rubble photo’d the result of that “explosion” you Tweeted earlier?