On the corner (more or less) of Easterday and Seymour

aprilsnowOkay, okay. It isn’t exactly Hollywood and Vine. Or even Haight and Ashbury. And it is definitely not some corner in Winslow Arizona. Too much snow. And it is, oh, lemme see, how many streets away from the infamous corner (Ashmun and Easterday) where I once stalled learned to drive a stick shift? I wonder if I can do it from memory… Court/John, Bingham, Young, Augusta, Minneapolis, Kimball, Superior, Johnston, Swinton, Lizzie, Seymour. 12 streets. Or 11-1/2 if you consider that Court and John kind of come out on to Easterday in one big mouth. I feel like I missed a street. Or two. What did I miss? No googling… Okay, you can google if you want.

It is warmer here than this picture might suggest. I was wearing a skirt (yes, I rock skirts!) and tights and polartech socks and Chaco sandals and a Chico’s tank top with an REI polartech jacket (that I should’ve bought three of) over it and a silk scarf. Green/blue/aqua, thank you very much. And some little knit KMart-type gloves. But no ski band.

I do have to report that Clyde’s Drive-In is open again. I remember my Grandma taking us there when we were kids and ordering a hamburg with everything but. When the Beach Urchins were little, we used to load ’em all up into the old red minivan with cafeteria trays and washcloths. The oldest urchin would take orders en route, writing them down on a pad of paper, so we’d be all ready. Heck, they only liked one or two things on the menu anyway. In those days, we’d get the food to go and drive over to the adjacent Goose Poop Park to eat and then the urchins would play on the playground stuff while we watched the boats. And the beach urchins, of course.

Today we just ate in the car in front of the restaurant, watching the ferry and the Laurentien and the border patrol car and the Bay Mills po-lice, who sat by the ferry and watched the traffic disembark, taking off after one rattly old pickup truck. And nabbing him. Not sure what the deal was. He didn’t look very dangereuse to me but who knows. No seagulls today, now that I think of it. Guess what I got. Hamburg on a bun with everything but! And I got some onion rings to share.

10 Responses to “On the corner (more or less) of Easterday and Seymour”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Ah Clyde’s …

    Today at lunch we went to a fast food joint. On the way in one guy made the comment, “You know nothing but humans eat french fries.”

    I said, “Sea Gulls eat french fries.”

    To which he responded, “What I mean is you can leave a french fry out on the lawn and no bug will eat it.”

    At this point the other guy chimed in, “I’ve fed Sea Gulls french fries from my hand.”

  2. jane Says:

    ah clyde’s….

    on one visit to Clyde’s with the parental units I was happily handing various food items from the window tray to the PUs. the only thing left was a little tub of ketchup. I turned back around and like some scene out of The Birds there’s a seagull right there on the tray!!!

    I put the window up as fast as I could and then closed the sunroof. I had visions of him coming in thru the roof to get my cheeseburger. the horror!!!

  3. Sam Says:

    I’ve seen turtles eat french fries. Or at least seen obnoxious tourists throw french fries at turtles. And turtles hit on the fries. Not sure they really ever ATE them, though, upon reflection. This at Callaway Gardens.

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    It is nice and cozy here at the cottage. Just Doug, Tori, and I so far. Thought maybe David Schell was coming up with the fam but no sign of him yet. I haven’t seen any large birds. The one you saw must have eaten “the fish” in the lake. No sea gulls here either. Going to eat Shepherds Pie for dinner and then have a fire in the inside fireplace. Too cold outside. Hey! Who ate all of the Popcorn?

  5. Margaret Says:

    After a few 70 degree days, we’re back down in the gray 50s–but I know that must sound tropical. You have some cool gear to wear with skirts. REI is good stuff! I love onion rings.

  6. Jay Says:

    Ah Clydes,
    Our favorite it to get the food and hit goose-poop park. It’s just not summer without at least one trip to Clydes.

  7. l4827 Says:

    Ah Clydes,
    Da birds. Hitchcock. Who would know? Unless you were at Clydes.

  8. Tonya Says:

    Funny. I lived in Maine for a short time and they all called hamburgers “hamburgs.” I was befuddled. But then, there were a LOT of ways they said things that befuddle me still.

  9. Pooh Says:

    I was teaching 6th grade Science yesterday, and the topic was food chains and food webs. We read about herbivores and carnivores and omnivores. When I read that humans were omnivores, one kid said, “not me, I don’t eat vegetables!” I said, “what about a hamburger and french fries?” He said, “French fries are vegetables?” Now he’ll probably go home and tell his mom that his teacher said that French Fries were ok to eat, since they were vegetables. Good thing we didn’t get Reagenesqe and claim that the ketchup and pickles were vegetables enough!

    Ah Clydes! Going there with GrandDaddy when I was little, and awed that the waitress knew exactly what “everything but” meant. Going there when my kids were little, and seeing a seagull liberate most of Danny’s hamburger from his hand. He was probably waving it around, declaiming about some esoteric topic!

  10. Dog Mom Says:

    Going to Clyde’s my first time was with The Engineer – it was a HAVE TO DO item on our summer list! ‘Course, he BACKS into a slot (to watch the boats) and I had NO IDEA what to get (uh, the menu’s behind us??), so I pretty much copied what he got….

    And, yes, it’s some of the best burgers and ONION RINGS out there (although Knight’s onion rings are even BETTER!). Watching the gulls is always entertaining, but since The Engineer never cared much for Goose Poop Park, we never ventured in there with the kids. Or if we did, they were not allowed out of the car (uh, yeah, the popular name, that’s why). The Engineer didn’t want to have to clean THAT out of the carpeting/upholstery….