New riding lawnmower lucky-shuckial scooter

My afternoon chores were particularly frustrational today. There was laundry to pull out of the dryer but but but… My dryer hasn’t been notifying me when it’s finished in a while now. Like… Ever since I had to switch out my phone for a new one. So I tried to trouble-shoot that this afternoon. After haaaannnnngging around in the Deep Dark Gray-Green Greasy Limpopo Landfill Dungeon for ten minutes of “looking for your dryer in the cloud”, I gave up. As I got to the top of the DDG-GGLLD stairs, I was greeted by a grinning maniac. And THIS!

Honest to jeebus, my initial reaction was, “Why on earth do we need a riding lawn mower?” He forced me to sit down on the seat and start the engine. I was expecting the big roar of a gasoline engine but but but… There was hardly any sound at all. Eventually it became clear that this beastie is NOT a lawn mower. It is a scooter (or whatever). It belongs to the GG but he has no plans to use it and I expect it will soon be festooned with various bags and a leash and other accoutrements. That is all I will say about that. Anything more veers into inappropriate subject matter for my blahg.

I must be shifting gears because here is a quick little list of interests I am suddenly instristed (intentionally misspelled) in pursuing:

  • Classical music: mostly beginning with the impressionistic period and ending, well, now. This will not be a flute-playing exploration in general.
  • Jazz: this will be a self-taught flute-playing exploration. Apparently nowadays there are instructional books by acclaimed jazz musicians to help beginning jazzers learn simple stuff. My brother The Engineer was a decent jazz trombonist. He seemed to have it in his bones. Me not so much. I was more into the precision of written classical music. But no reason not to at least explore it now.
  • Slow-stitching: creating small fiber arts pieces with little bits and pieces of fabric via hand-sewing. This isn’t new to me but I am looking at going in a new direction.
  • Mid-century modern fabric something-or-others (think atomic themes, etc.). I have no clue where I’m going with that. Mouse, any ideas? I just hope it doesn’t lead me to start hoarding fabric again…
  • Drawing… Yes. A few years ago I listened to a local NPR piece about an encouraging drawing class for adults without a lot of experience. Dunno if that’s still going on but I prob’ly need the discipline of a class for drawing and I hope I can find one if I ever get around to it.

I fergit whut else. More on any/all of these when I actually make any progress. Don’t worry, I am not gonna quit my day job any time soon.

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