Softy Beanbag

I mentioned Softy Beanbag yesterday and here she is, big as life! She came into the world naked as we all do but was dressed almost immediately in doll clothing belonging to some other entity. The Commander made the top and skirt. She did not make the lace undergarment (click and click again to embiggen and see a wee bit of lace peeking out under the skirt). I don’t remember what other entity was wearing the clothes, a doll probably? Except for the Orange Babies the beach urchins were never all that “into” dolls.

Softy would stay with the GG when I took the kids up to the moominbeach for extended periods in the summer. Her owner was a wee bit shy about talking on the phone for a couple years so she would talk to her dad through Softy.

And then there was the time the GG took her with him to chaperone an elementary school field trip. He packed her into his backpack so her upper body was sticking out and, as they were mobilizing to get on the bus, one teacher told me something like, “You know, I was not having a very good morning but when I saw him with that mouse, I knew things would be okay.”

Softy is a sweet little soul and she often travels with us now, along with Froooggy and Frogette, Green Guy, Turnstile, and others depending on the destination. I noticed that Chrissy the Policemouse was in the Aminal Bag. It hasn’t been totally unpacked since this summer’s odyssey to the moomincabin.

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