The Cabin Closing Crew has arrived

I rode up with npJane today. Lizard Breath arrived under her own power. The GG draaaaagggged himself away from Tahq to turn the water back on and lead us in closing the moomincabin. npJane is largely on her own but she is capable.

So we expected the GG to be here when we arrived but he was not, even though we had a later start than planned and made a shopping stop at an outlet mall along the way. Where I did not buy anything. Actually I couldn’t even find my blasted bathing suit when I was packing yesterday, even though I had it up here in the summer and can just about swear I washed it after we returned. That is just one of many indications that before I buy any new clothes, I need to pull everything out of my dresser, sort it out and put back only what I truly need. Hopefully I’ll find my bathing suit in the process.

But I digress. I wasn’t concerned about the GG’s tardiness or that the water wasn’t turned on. I knew if I had to cabinP, I could use the Old Cabin’s terlet or even My Dear Uncle Harry’s Outhouse, may she stand forever.

As it turned out, the GG had a small adventure on his way down from Tahq. He encountered an older man dressed for trail-hiking with poles and the whole works walking along the road. Something didn’t feel right so he stopped and asked if he could be of any assistance. Well, yes. The man and his wife had parked strategically with a plan that each would start hiking from a different spot and meet up in the middle. He had somehow taken a wrong turn and I don’t understand the whole story but by the time the GG found him, he was in a total panic, worried that his wife was lost forever. Cell service ranges from extremely spotty to non-existent in this area. The GG drove him to his car and his wife had left the “arrow” below.

The arrow pointed to a cairn and eventually a note on the pavement that she was on the road. The GG drove the man down the road, where he became reunited with his wife. It is no joke to get lost in the woods here in the yooperland and it’s fortunate that this situation ended well.

So the GG arrived, turned on the water and flushed out the water heater and eventually Liz arrived and all of us ended up on the beach for fancy hors d’oeuvres provided by npJane. The weatherman was predicting thunderstorms and although those never arrived, we had a couple of mini-seiches while we were sitting there, which makes me wonder if there are air pressure fluctuations floating around on Gitchee Gumee so we’ll see what we get.

We are now sitting on the moomincabin deck after a pizza dinner. It is warm even though the sun has gone down and I am sipping the remaining dregs of what turned into a fly-hattan. G’night, KW.

2 Responses to “The Cabin Closing Crew has arrived”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A fortuitous arrival by the GG and a great story! A fly’hattan doesn’t sound very appetizing. 😉

  2. Jay Says:

    Visions. I wish I could have them. I miss this place