End of summer bonus

I know it’s a duplicate title but here is what the sky looked like late this afternoon. It’s apped just a bit but this vista is what kept us from heading up to cook our BBQ chicken until whenever. It’s the last night for the summer and we were not in any particular kind of hurry.

It did eventually rain.

One of our beach urchins was here and she engineered candles. This one is out on the deck with us.

And finally we had a wonderful visit from C*Q*L, who had trick-or-treated at the nearby state park. No, we did not try to abscond with any of her candy.

Back to the planet tomorrow with mixed feelings.

One Response to “End of summer bonus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a gorgeous sky! Saying goodbye to summer is tough. We’re getting fall rains, and I’m pretty sure I can put my portable air conditioner away. (I used it very little this summer because temps didn’t go as high as the two prior summers) Personally, I love Washington weather, although my sister-in-law would disagree. She wants to move to Florida. She’s welcome to those hurricanes!