B52 B29 B17!

Okay, so, yer fav-o-rite blahgger is not good at identifying military aircraft. I was all excited about seeing a “B52” bomber in the sky yesterday afternoon. Later on, thinking that the wings were too “straight” for a B52, I did The Google and I thought the plane I saw looked more like a B29. An Instagram/FB (and real life friend) kindly corrected me. It was a B17 and civilians can pay to book flights on it. Of course when I googled “B17” the first thing that came up was that a B17 with a similar mission in Connecticut crashed a couple days ago with paying customers on it.

A B52 bomber did fly over the Big House today, as scheduled. I heard it but it was from a decent distance. We are a mile and a bit from the Big House. I can hear the UMich band practicing at Elbel if the weather is right. I don’t really hear anything from the stadium. Anyway, I doubt the fly-over was anything like the fly-overs my brother and our cousins and I experienced as kids at the moominbeach. Those big old B52s were menacing but as most of us kids were born well after WWII, some of us with WWII pilot dads, we knew they were on “our side” and just practicing or whatever. I wonder what our WWII enemies’ children thought when those beasts approached, screaming outta the sky like that…

So then there is the whole mustache question. Did the GG look like a Russian in last night’s pic because he has a mustache? Uh… Mustache? The GG has a mustache? I was nonplussed. But. Yes. He does currently have a mustache. It is a historical fact of our marriage that I don’t seem to always know whether he has a mustache or not. I guess it’s because I don’t really care if he has a mustache or not. Now… a BEARD? I do not like the GG to have a beard. It does not suit him. When he starts growing a beard, I NOTICE! Nope.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not good either, so no worries. Oddly, Patt could never grow a beard because his facial hair was light and had bald spots in it. Both Henry and John have beards, which I like very much. They look good in them, whereas Patt did NOT. 🙂