Is it the Internets or is it me?

Testing, testing. I can’t seem to get a reliable connection at home so I drove over here to Barry Bagels. I tried switching to the Planet Ann Arbor Public Schools wireless and that worked for a while but I had business at Youtube and it wouldn’t let me go there. I was able to connect to 1-3-7 (whoever that is) for a few minutes and then that faded and all the other wireless signals in the area required a password.

Actually, the connection doesn’t seem that great over here at Barry’s either and I have to keep copying this bunch of blather into TextWrangler so I can save it offline so I don’t *lose* it. Because today, “Save and Continue Editing” means just about the exact opposite. It had better not be my cable modem. If it is, the ISP better plan on sending somebody out that 1) knows what he/she is doing, 2) can answer a direct question with a straight answer, and 3) doesn’t make me feel like jumping out of my skin. It is *my* house and if you are a service provider of any sort, you’d better be sending people with at least a *minimal* level of social skills out to it. And no criminal record either.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do and no time for this s*%&!

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