From Tunisia to Bangalore Bangaluru to Sandy Cay

You never quiiiite know where a daily standup meeting is gonna take you. Today it took us around the world with Amazon Woman at the helm. In the course of solving a problem, one of our Indian/American folks was talking to Tunisia today. We are a large global company but nobody was previously aware that we had offices in Tunisia. And, hmmm, where the heck *is* Tunisia anyway…

So AW got the google going and we found Tunisia. From there we flipped the world around over to the Indian subcontinent where we talk daily with our Indian co-workers. I have said this before and I will say it again. India is going to take over the world. These guys are soooo smart. And they are young and friendly and fun and we love them. So we were trying to figure out their exact location and it turns out they are nowhere near Bangaluru which is in the south. They are in the north. And our local colleague can’t really see Sri Lanka from his family’s house, just like Sarah P probably can’t really see Russia from her house. I can see Cananananada from the Moomincabin though.

Our last stop was Sandy Cay, a place AW has visited. You have to visit it by bote but once you get there you can swim in its tropical waters. And then we landed with a bump back on The Planet Ann Arbor (and India).

I finished my booooook, A Gentleman in Russia, at lunch today. I really liked it a lot. I loved the title character. I loved the ending. It wasn’t what I might have been expecting while reading the book but it was perfect. I read online and somehow I landed on a page of questions about the book and a fair number of people didn’t seem to understand the ending. Oh boy oh boy, I got it! What book were they reading? I will say that although the book provided enough glimpses of history to pique my curiosity, it did not make me want to seek out a bunch of long, dense, man-‘splaining texts on the Bolshevik revolution, etc. Nope.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love reading a good book with an ending I understand. (not always the case, especially with Book Club books, which are generally more literary than what I read) I’ve always wanted to visit Tunisia; it looks like a gorgeous place, and they speak French!